Friday, January 09, 2009

No Wars No Israel No US

Should anyone really be surprised that Israel is refusing to accept the UN Security Council's truce order? And how surprised are you that the US has abstained from adding its vote to the truce order?

The course of this war is predictable. Israel will not stop until it has secured its interest in destabilizing Gaza and Hamas, the democratically elected government, and the rule of international law means nothing.

In fact, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert considers the UN truce order to be "outside influence". And who among the weak kneed international community will go beyond the truce order?

Might makes right and Israel is a 'first world' military might making war on a colonized and impoverished people.

And it is a war that Israel could not fight so arrogantly without the weaponry the US provides.

It is hardly ironic that Israel is so supported by the US. Both nation-states are drawn from blood thirsty histories and it is hardly a secret that neither can exist without waging war.

What would Israel and the US be without genocidal wars? Very little is my thinking.

As of this writing the death count in Gaza is 801 with more than 3300 injured according to an Al Jazeera English television report (11pm, South African time).

Onward! to the post-American order.

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GiGi - The Shy Giraffe said...

Ridwan, does this mean you're back in the blog world?.....

I'm sadden by the lost of innocent lives and to be honest, lost for words. this war have been going on for years and i can only pray for peace to come soon.

Good to see you again. Be well my brother =:O)

Ridwan said...

Salam Gigi:

Thanks for stopping by and yeah I am blogging again ... I missed you!

I'm with you on being saddened by the state of affairs in Gaza. This must be stopped and all voices must be added to stop the murder of innocents.

Happy New Year Gigi ... hope moms is well and that 2009 will be even a better year for you both.

Peace to you too Gigi.

I'll holla,