Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Cholera Epidemic in Zimbabwe

"Zimbabwe's cholera crisis has reached unprecedented levels with nearly 63,000 people being infected by the epidemic, according to a report by a United Nations agency.

The epidemic, which began in August, has already killed more than 3,000 people - the deadliest outbreak in Africa in 15 years, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said."
Read the rest of the Al Jazeera report here:


Dade said...

How far will Mugabe let this go? I wonder, does he have any compassion for his people?

Ridwan said...

Mugabe is a selfish thief who has reduced Zimbabwe to nothing.

There is a lady from Zim who stops by our house for a cup of tea every now and again.

She has been doing so for the better part of two decades.

She sells things she makes by hand and then sends money home. She saved and saved and built a house back in Zim for her disabled husband and extended family.

Last year Mugabe had his goons go into neighborhoods where people did not vote for him and broke down their houses.

Her house was one of those reduced to mere rubble. He then claimed that he was busy with urban renewal.

She now lives in a shack again. She is old and her heart is heavy.

When she talks her eyes well up and she looks destroyed.

She is one of millions who have suffered at the hands of this one-time liberator.

It is a damn shame someone has not sent him to hell yet. But then again, there is still time left.

Peace Dade,