Thursday, April 23, 2009

ANC Cleans Clock, Again

Yesterday I watched a news clip of former president Thabo Mbeki refusing to say who he voted for.


OK, so Jacob Zuma is the reason why Mbeki was kicked out of office but is the party not bigger than Zuma?

Guess not.

Mbeki said the constitution gives him the right not to say who he voted for and on that count he is absolutely right.

But damn broer he should be proud to say he voted for the African National Congress (ANC), hey? But then again maybe he did not want to lie.


Tutu also refused to say who he voted for and that surprises me. I mean the venerable Arch has a lot to say about just about everything.

Just a few months ago he proclaimed that he would not vote if Zuma was the ANC's presidential candidate.

So what changed Tutu's noggin?

Could it be that both the Arch and Mbeki voted for an opposition party? Maybe they voted for the losers who jumped ship from the ANC and started a party oddly called COPE (Congress of the People).

Perhaps voting for COPE is what allowed the Arch to 'cope' with this election.

You don't think that either of them voted for the leftover whiteness party of Helen Zille (Democratic Alliance) do you?

Naaaaaaah that would be too messy in a double consciousness sort of way ... but then again who knows, politics is afterall a dirty business.

Whatever hey broer.

I also heard the votes from the expats are counted and they mostly voted for the Democratic Alliance (DA). No surprise there.

The ANC has few friends among the mostly white crowd who call themselves expats.

What is also not surprising is that the Western Cape is going the way of the DA.

Nonetheless, the ANC has cleaned clock and there is a whole grip of little parties who should be thinking about leaving the political scene altogether.

Here I am sad to say that the party of Sobukwe, the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC), is one of the those who should throw in the proverbial towel.

AZAPO too.

This election was not really hard to call. Same sh*t different election and that is not entirely a bad thing.

I mean a brutha is not a card carrying anything but life in the ANC's post-apartheid Frankenstein is mostly better than apartheid on any day ... for real.

Holla if you disagree.

And no broer I don't know why the man in the picture painted his ass white .... I thought we were over that hang-up ;)


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