Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Back On The Blog

I have relocated inside of South Africa and as of this writing the process of settling into a new place, a new job, and meeting new faces makes for an interesting and engaging time.

So I am due in class in about five minutes but the urge to write here brings this untimely update.

Though my class is focused on political philosophy of the classical era it will be interesting to see if I can coax students to link a few thoughts to Hillary Clinton's visit to our continent ... I may be stretching it here but hey it is worth a try.

This morning I was also reading Max Du Preez's article entitled "Non-racial country? Non-sense" (2009-08-05 09:23), and it reminded me of some of the discussion I attempted below.

I like Max Du Preez's writing for the most part. He never fails to pinch at the central nerve of what is going on in South Africa.

And, if anything is still going on then it has to be race and racism.

AnyHowze, this post serves as some contrived "I'm back again" notice and I hope you will stop by and holla from time to time nontheless.




Dade said...

Hooray! Glad you're back. Looking forward to reading your thoughts.

Erica said...

Welcome back!

Ana said...

Welcome Back brother, so happy to see you blogging again

alleman said...

So where have you moved to?

Ridwan said...

Dade, Erica, Ana, and Alleman thanks so much for your responses.

I feel energized from my 'break' and even will admit to missing my regular blogging.

I am at NWU university in political science. Alleman as you know NWU is made up of three campuses (Potch, Mmbatho/Mafikeng, and Vaal).

I am, so to speak, right in the thick of this transformative
'marraige' and at a time when higher education has been allocated a minister (Blade Nzimande of the SA Communist Party.)

This is going to be an interesting time for higher education and I really hope a positive one too.

That said, thanks for looking in and I look forward to hearing more.