Thursday, August 13, 2009

Obama Honours Tutu

"Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu has dedicated his United States Presidential Medal of Freedom to all South Africans who fought for freedom and justice.

"I am standing out only because millions of my compatriots are carrying me on their shoulders," he said in a statement after receiving the award from US President Barack Obama at the White House on Wednesday.

The "extraordinary symbolism" of America's first African American president presenting the award to "a former South African township urchin", was humbling, he said." ...
I remain a great fan of the Arch! Congratulations.

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Dade said...

A well-deserved award. The Archbishop is a man that anyone can admire.

The honor that the US has bestowed on him is small recompense for his works, but it is something.

Ridwan said...

It is well deserved for sure brother Dade. The Arch is a man who is not afraid to call stuff like he sees it.

And, on most issues he is absolutely right.

Peace Dade,