Monday, August 31, 2009

White South African Given Refugee Status In Canada

Brandon Huntley, a 31 year old white South African has been granted refugee status by the Canadian immigration and refugee board according to a news report.

The board held that Huntley, who grew up in Cape Town, showed "clear and convincing proof of the state's (South Africa) inability or unwillingness to protect him ..." from blacks.

The panel chair, William Davis, went further to argue that Huntley's case illustrated the "inability or unwillingness" of the South African government to protect all white South Africans.

This bullsh*t ruling was made last Thursday.

Huntley first went to Canada on a work permit in 2004. The permit was for six months. In 2005 he returned to Canada and remained there until 2008 when he petitioned for refugee status.

He claims that in South Africa he was called a "settler" and a "white dog". He also says he was attacked 7 times by blacks.

This ruling is the first granted to a white South African in Canada and it makes a mockery of the socio-political conditions that define post-postapartheid South Africa.

Sixteen years ago when we transitioned to a post-apartheid state Huntley was just 15 years old. Subtract the 4 or so years that he spent in Canada and his post-apartheid experience is a grand total of 11 years.

What absolute rubbish his case represents. His claim is dubious at best and yet it has strangely found reason in Canada.

It goes without saying that there are many whites in South Africa who will envy the status given to Huntley. I also expect that just as many, hopefully more, will also rubbish his claim to victimhood.

That Huntley and others like him across the racial divide may feel unsafe in South Africa has a lot more to do with crime than it has to do with the hatred that blacks have toward other races, or whites specifically.

Huntley's pathetic self-imposed victimhood is summed up when he says: "There's a hatred of what we did to them and it's all about the colour of your skin ..."

And the answer to that hatred you "did to them" is to fashion your whiteness as a victim of black racism?

This sh*t makes my head hurt something fierce.


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UPDATE: "SA Accepts White Refugee Ruling" (News24, September 1, 2009)

UPDATE: Refugee decision 'shocking' (News24, September 2, 2009)

Given the fallout over this ridiculous decision I expect the Canadian authorities will seek to revise the outcome, even deny the granting of refugee status.

And, I would like to see Huntley's face as he re-enters South Africa.

Can his South African citizenship be rescinded? Just a thought.

FINAL UPDATE: "Refugee ruling to be challenged" (News 24, September 3, 2009)

Seems I was right about the Canadian government's eventual unease about this stupid case.

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