Thursday, September 17, 2009

Egypt Allows Women to Wear Pants!

A news report on News24 states:
Egypt's top Islamic authority defended women's rights to wear trousers in public following a high profile court case in neighbouring Sudan were women were flogged for dressing in pants, the local press reported on Wednesday.

Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa said in response to a question during a public lecture that trousers covering women's bodies are permitted, though they should be loose and not see-through. He specified that "stretch" pants were, in particular, unacceptable.
Wow that is a relief hey?

I mean here we in 2009 and there is still need to have a religious authority pronounce on whether a woman can wear pants (trousers).

Does this also mean that men can wear dresses as long as they are loose fitting and not "see-through"?

Perhaps there is need to summon a council of religious leaders from all around to look into the issue of Muslim men in flowing robes that appear to be nothing more than a dress!

Mmmmmmmmm ... what a drag to reduce Islam to this kind of bullsh*t.



Spring Thunder's Blog said...

Well, I'm sleeping better tonight now that I've learned this.

Let's hope Egypt never witnesses the Plague of Obese Persons in Small Stretch Pants (or other garments) as we see in the U.S.

Peace be with you, Brother.


Eugene said...

Drag...dress...That's funny!

Fascism, fanaticism, why is it folk want so bad to have control over other folks. It's not power, because everyone has power everything has power. It is control. When one desires control over others it is usually for their own gain.

Why is there so much fear of women? Why fear of them wearing pants? I don't understand.

Ridwan said...

Thank you Shusli and Eugene for your respective comments.

I miss you guys! Pants and all :)

Peace and struggle,