Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Spring Break SA Style

It is hard not to notice that the mercury is creeping upward here in South Africa.

The days are longer and the sweet smell of blossoms is something more than just my imagination, I think.

It is spring here on my side of the desert dry and the time for a break from academia has arrived.

The picture above captures Namaqualand daisies in full bloom on South Africa's beautiful West Coast.

I am not going there. Not even close.

Instead, I am on my way to Kimberley by the big capitalist hole in the ground where I will visit with moms and attend the opening of a heritage research program at a local museum.

September is "Heritage Month" in South Africa. The museum opening is about heritage and its contested meanings, I think.

Right now, being a Gemini, I have contested realities running through my being so I will bid farewell to posting (and answering email) for 12 days.

I can hear Mooi breathe a sigh of contemptuous relief ... well hell being that he is a lawyer I expect his relief is tainted by envy.

Work on jwaks ;)

Peace to the rest of youse!

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Erica said...


Dade said...

A beautiful picture of what I understand is one of the most beautiful country's on earth.

Your springtime, of course, is our fall. So, enjoy your spring/summer and don't forget us poor souls up here in the rainy Pacific Northwest, huddled under our umbrellas.

Best to you, my friend.

Ridwan said...

*Erica I behaved and I am back in work ):

Great to hear you through it all.

**Dade South Africa is beautiful. I drove back to the North West from the Northern Cape in torrential rain yesterday.

Nothing quite like a moody and powerful rainstorm in the desert.

Trust you are well my friend.

Thanks Erica and Dade!