Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nobel Snowbel

Desmond Tutu has congratulated President Obama on being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize yesterday.

The Arch did, however, say he was surprised that Obama will receive the prize without even finishing a term in office.

Thanks for noting that Arch but you are obviously being too nice to a man who has achieved absolutely f*ck-all in the months that the world has watched him waffle over Guantanamo, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

That the Noble Peace Committee thinks it notable to award Obama for his 'peace' rhetoric is nothing less than appalling and a further selling out of the vision and purpose Alfred Nobel intended.

The Peace Committee says that Obama "captured the world's attention" ... ummmm and this makes him worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize?

Do these fools forget that Obama is still a war president who in his opening days of his presidency ordered drones to bomb parts of Pakistan? Scores of innocent civilians were killed as a result and the bombings continue unabated.

Have they forgotten that the US under his leadership is still murdering innocents in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Have they also forgotten that while he was running for president he could hardly utter a word of warning toward Israel for its massacre in occupied Gaza?

They are also obviously just ignoring the manner that Obama has been fanning the flames of conflict with Iran in recent weeks.

I know that the Nobel Peace Prize is hardly what is was or what it was intended to be.

I wonder what definition they use to define peace and its advancement?

Obama is a recipient but Gandhi not! Henry Kissinger is a recipient but Vaclav Havel not!

Still, by any measure, Obama does not deserve recognition for merely being better than George W. Bush. Even on that score the jury is still out.

As it stands now, the Oprah-endorsed president is still nothing more than a platitudinal motor-mouth and ass-kissing Uncle Tom who makes white people and their agents feel better about their inbred racism.

Perhaps the Prize should be amended to say that Obama has gone a long way in helping alleviate white racist guilt and this is the reason why he is being fawned over.

I wonder if Obama will allow the Peace Committee to rub his head for luck?


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Aasia said...

Oh absolutely! That was a pat on the back for not changing anything they have already endorsed. Well done on another great post.

Ridwan said...

Thank you, thank you Aasia.

I wondered what you might think about this post :)

Great hearing from you.

Peace to ya,

Aasia said...

Well. I shouldn't be suprised. There's no substance in most things anymore. All we do is grovel and asskiss