Friday, October 23, 2009

Zapiro on Jonathan Jansen

Saying more than words can!



Anonymous said...

Hi Ridwan,
Something Rebecca Adams, one of the workers said stuck with me: "We saw those boys in a different way to how they saw us." Kind of cuts to the bone of it all.

She said she considered them her children; but how did they see her in return?

I wasn't convinced before, but I now see what you mean about Jansen.

Good to be reading you here again. Happy blog birfday.


Mojalefa Murphy said...

It says it all. What a piss off!

Moja Murphy

Ridwan said...

Hi Niteflyer!

Ms. Adams words grab at one's gut for sure.

I heard early this morning that UFS is re-thinking their no-consultation posture.

Seems the negative responses to Jansen has got to him.

The court case in Bloem was, however, postponed till February with strict instructions from the magistrate not to interfere with state witnesses, etc.

So now Jansen has a legal crutch to build his further denial.

He is over his head on this one though.

Thanks for the blog "birfday" wishes :)


Ridwan said...

Mojalefa I was thinking about you the other day.

Yeah the cartoon about sums it all up.

Jansen is an arrogant so and so who rushed into this one with the expectation that he can 'calm the waters'.

It has been 15 years on and most folks are not so forgiving anymore.

Be well brother and holla when you can.


Mojalefa Murphy said...

You are always on my mind and in my heart, broer. What has been pissing me off lately is the extent to which the black intelligentsia continues to collude with the racist establishment merely to maintain the ownership of their German luxury cars and houses in the white suburbs!

This lousy white ass-licking Jansen really pissed me off big time by abdicating. I think these bastards who go about preaching the old bone of reconciliation these days are plain cowards who cannot face these racist head on. Jansen is one of many who are covering their lousy yellow backs instead of rooting out racism in South Africa as demanded by the electorate.

Nevertheless, I was pleased to see one initiative of the young scientific professionals challenging the establishment at the heart of its apartheid prestige. See the message in the petition linked below and support them in any manner you may, brother.


Ridwan said...

Great to read your fire again brother Mojalefa.

I miss your presence here at the 'ol blog :)

Jansen has a long history that has brought him to the OFS.

That he 'speaks for' the victims and black folks at large is nothing short of scandalous.

He chooses to ignore the larger humiliation that has been brought on the victims, four of whom are women who carry the added burden of gender discrimination.

All of the victims are poor workers who obviously have no presence/weight at UFS.

I am reminded that Fanon spoke of the dark skin go-between who would work tirelessly to meet the expectations of the colonials.

Jansen in many respects is that go-between.

He seeks not to offend whiteness but to understand whiteness.

On the other hand, he has no qualms about going after black folk and even invoking racist stereotypes to get his point out.

I think of the time recently when he vindictively described our new Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motsheka, as lazy.

The ANC demanded an apology. He refused.

Does Jansen know what it means to call a black official lazy? Does he see the history of casting black folk as lazy?

Of course he does!

And yet he has remained arrogantly steadfast on his view that the minister is lazy.

What racist nonsense. And, I am not even dealing with her performance here.

I am pointing to the history of race and racialization that is apparent.

Either Jansen is just an idiot or a very well placed go-between.

You know where I stand.

The man is dangerous but like Malema he offers a national window at times to interrogate our politics.

I say that he is dangerous because he is adept at playing the politics of race.

Even among his detractors there are a significant number of them who critique him with pronounced respect.

Jansen fools folks because he speaks with a 'forked tongue'.

Thanks again brother. I will look at the petition site you mention.

Be well and keep me updated on you.