Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"Cruel Britannia: British Complicity in the Torture and Ill-treatment of Terror Suspects in Pakistan"

Human Rights Watch today released a 46 page report that documents British "complicity" in the torture of "five UK citizens of Pakistani origin ..."

Read the report here.

Read the Guardian cover article entitled 'Cruel, illegal, immoral': Human Rights Watch condemns UK's role in torture here.

Also, Eric Walberg in an article entitled Canada’s Guantanamo reports that:
Canada’s chief diplomat in Kandahar in 2006-07, Richard Colvin, who told a House of Commons committee on Afghanistan that Afghans arrested by Canadian military and handed over to Afghan authorities were knowingly tortured.
Read the rest of the article here.

Mmmmmm ... so much for the link between western-style democracy and the respect for human rights.



Eugene said...

OH! Wow! British complicit in torture!? Whodda thunk! I mean, I've never known the Brits to be anything but kind and gentle and sweet to any all of the nations and its peoples whom they've brutally and genocidally conquered to steal their wealth and give it to a handful of their wealthy. Well, OK, there may be a couple of hundreds of thousands of incidents world wide throughout the centuries to the present and more added on into the future, but I am unable to see any clear and consistent pattern to their genocidal and oppressive behavior to suggest that they might be supportive of torture.

Ridwan said...

Hey there Eugene!

I hear you brother ... I am always amused when folks are 'shocked' by these kinds of revelations.

By the way, I wish I was in PDX to sit in on your "genocide cover-up" show.

It has to be amazing with Russel Means and Ward Churchill on at once!

Great stuff.