Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dreams and Ingenuity Despite

South Africa is filled with negative stories about crime, corruption, lack of services, expensive goods, and more.

It is easy to become despondent most of the time.

Just yesterday I about flipped when a driver decided to overtake me in an intersection only to come to a complete halt in front of me.

I wonder at times why folks are in such a hurry to seemingly get nowhere.

Nonetheless,this post is about cheerful dreams.

Well more specifically about the dreams of a young man in the rural area of Limpopo who builds his own cars from scratch and he does so without any formal training.

Augustine Mabasa is a 29 year old brother who lives in Siyandani village. Despite enormous challenges he assembled scrap metal to build an electrical car that can achieve 30kmh.

And it is a sweet looking ride too, don't you think?

I am absolutely amazed at his will to achieve. Most South Africans are not even thinking about electrical cars.

In fact, I am yet to even see a Hybrid (Prius) on the roads.

Augustine says that folks used to laugh at him but I guess they not laughing so hard now that he has won a two-year scholarship (learnership) from Nissan South Africa.

I like his ride. The detail and lines are tight.

This is one cool story.

I want to pause a moment longer and wish the brother all the luck in the world.


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