Friday, January 22, 2010

Howard Zinn On Obama

I think people are dazzled by Obama's rhetoric, and that people ought to begin to understand that Obama is going to be a mediocre president--which means, in our time, a dangerous president--unless there is some national movement to push him in a better direction.
See "Obama at One: Little Surprising in Absence of Progressive Social Movement", January 21 (originally in The Nation).

And this from a man who cautioned folks to vote for the lesser of evils. Chomsky too.

They should have known that change cannot come from an establishment lackey. Disappointment is a meaningless gesture at this stage.

Zinn should also give up the notion that there is anything close to a "Progessive Social Movement" that can save Obama from himself.

Obama was elected by a mass of delusional voters who thought him prophetic and an improvement over George Bush.

By that measure, anyone would have been an improvement.

Even Curly hey?

Hey fellas nyuk nyuk nyuk ... woo woo woo ... you should have known.


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Eugene said...

"At least he's a democrat."

Oh, how I've hated hearing those words during the Clinton administration, and haven't heard them yet during this one, though. But I know that thought is out there. "At least he's a democrat."

I Love Howard Zinn, but a progressive movement in today's America is a fantasy. Everyone is too busy telling the world how great and holy they are instead of organizing to bring down this horrible system that has lead to global destruction. "I'm a vegan, and thus the holiest!" "I'm an anarcho primitivist and thus the only person capable of saving the world." "I'm Paul Watson...need I say more?" "I know the most Gandhi quotes and thus the only peace person capable of saving the world."

Obama is about to bomb the shit out of a defenseless nation, Afghanistan. WTF! And he won the Nobel (alleged) Peace Prize!

Change ain't comin' from Obomber. Change is coming from economic collapse. See ya there.

Ridwan said...

Thanks Eugene for your comment.

I too admire the work of Zinn and Chomsky but felt a little deflated when they advocated voting for him because he was better than Bush.

Now their doubts have come home to roost so to speak.

This Noble Peace Prize laureate has bombed Pakistan most everyday since his inauguration.

Guantanamo persists and the war(s) in Iraq and Afghanistan persist.

The "yes we can" president is much less than that ...

Peace brother,

Aasia said...

well to quote you, quoting him...

Yes he can, he has and will do again. Unfortunately..

I moved btw :)
Onward dear friend!

Ridwan said...

Congratulations on the new domain name Aasia!!

Wow I like it.

I will update my blogroll now.

Peace and thanks for the comment.


Eugene said...

Howard Zinn passed away yesterday in Santa Monica, 1-27-10, of a heart attack. I posted a eulogy on my blog,

Ridwan said...

Thank you for posting the eulogy Eugene.

Zinn will be missed but like you say, he left behind reinforcements.

May God/The Great Spirit rest his soul in peace.