Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A 'New' Forty-Eight

Longtime readers will know that very little luv is shown to motorcycles by Harley-Davidson on this blog.

I think the whole Harley-Davidson 'scene' and its faux counter-culture pretensions obscure some of the better bikes coming out of Milwaukee.

Below is what Harley-Davidson says is its new Forty-Eight. Those in the know will snicker at the notion that anything 'new' comes out of Harley-Davidson.

Most "Hogs" are just that, hogs. Heavy behemoths with huge ancient cubic inch motors that are nothing spectacular.

But, very few bike enthusiasts can totally ignore Harley-Davidson. Their bikes have improved, if even slowly, and if nothing else, they almost always look the part.

I like the 'new' Forty-Eight. It is nice to look at and the cut lines are low to the ground.

You can pick one of these up for less than $11k in the US. Here in the land of the perpetual rip-off this bike will post at least a 30% premium over the US price.

Still, this is one nice looking boney!

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Erica said...

This,I could tolerate.

Ridwan said...

It is a nice bike for sure but I think stateside it would be a coffee shop poser ... well here in Mzansi it would be the same ... where there are coffee shops that is ... :)

"Driveway jewelry" is what some folks call bikes like this.

But like a young woman on a smoking sports bike told me at a rest stop in Washington state: "Two wheels is all that counts".

She said this after I said my 1999 Honda CB750cc was nothing special.

She was right, I still miss that bike.