Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Obama's War(s) Is Peace

The Nobel Peace Prize and "change we can believe in" president, Barack Obama, has requested Congress fund a $708 billion defense (read war) budget for 2011.

This "is the largest war budget ever" according to a Reuters article.

Obama's budget reflects a 3.4% increase for the Pentagon's budget and an allocation of $159 billion to wage his 'war is peace' policies in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The budget sets aside $112.8 billion for "weapons procurement".

Obama is also seeking increased spending on "nuclear weapons research and security programs" even as his duplicitous ass wanks on about nonproliferation and reducing nuclear arms in the world.

Is this "change we can believe in" by any standard?

Obviously not.

Obama is a war mongering president just like his predecessor.

Nothing has changed in the settler empire.

Imagine what could be done with $708 billion if peace and change was really the objective?


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