Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Jerusalem, Israel(Bernat Armangue / Associated Press / March 12, 2010)

Caption in the LA Times reads:
A Palestinian worshipper who was prevented from reaching the Al-Aqsa mosque prays outside Jerusalem's Old City on Friday while Israeli forces stand guard in the background. Seeking to head off further unrest, police limited access to the city's holiest site, and Israel's military sealed off the West Bank for 48 hours, preventing Palestinians from entering Israel. Police allowed only men over 50 to pray Friday at the shrine at the center of the disturbances, the Jerusalem compound Jews call the Temple Mount and Muslims call the Noble Sanctuary. There were no limitations on women.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, how you doing Rid? You know your anti semitic rantings and America hating are really quite boorish.
Why are the Israelis blocking Palestinian men from entering Jerusalem. Gee, I don't know, maybe it's because they strap explosives to their hides and murder innocent civilians in the name of Allah.
In any event, let's pray for another intifadeh, eh? Then the Israelis can crush it with an Iron fist! Death to Islam.

Ridwan said...

Yeah coward. I see you crawled out from under your denial rock again to spew your racist bullshit.

It is interesting that you usually appear here after I comment on Dade's blog (this being the umpteenth time).

Guess being banned there is hard for you to spew your vacuous hate in my direction.

You racists are so predictable.

Anyway, I am putting your comment up because it helps make the Zionist cause so much more 'honourable'.

If you were half as brave as you wanna be on this blog you would name your hating self, troll.

You should spend some time thinking through what the term "anti-semitic" means.

"Death to Islam", you are so stupid it makes me laugh, and you call me "anti-semitic"!

Name yourself coward and don't call me "Rid" you dumb fuck.

My name is Ridwan.


Ana said...

Kia Ora Brother

yes racists are gutless & predictable as always.

Ridwan said...

You are so right sista Ana.

Thanks for looking in here.

Peace and struggle,