Monday, April 26, 2010

Al Jazeera: Slovakia's Radical Roma 'solution'

Al Jazeera English reports:
Some 10 per cent of Slovakia's population are of Roma ethnicity, most of whom are illiterate and live in poverty in the country's far east.

In an attempt to integrate them into Slovak society, the government has suggested a radical proposal: that Roma children be sent to boarding schools.

The plan has already been condemned as illegal by human-rights groups and the European Union. Yet many in Slovakia see it as an essential measure to improve Roma standards of life.

Al Jazeera's Laurence Lee (above) reports from the city of Rankovce.
Mmmmm .... now where have they tried this kind of racist crap before? Australia, Canada, the US ... ring a bell?

Should the Slovak government not just say they seek integration as an annihilation policy, one in which the Roma 'problem' will be erased (in the fullest sense)?

It amazes me, actually it doesn't, that the 'solution' essentially blames the victim.

If they can just teach the Roma to be less Roma then the problem would disappear. Right?

They are after all inferior and problematized as such, not only in Slovakia but throughout Europe. (See my "Roma Death and Life in Italy" (July 21, 2008).

Even Al Jazeera could not resist saying the "problem" will not just go away. The "problem" being the conditions that befall them as a result of their inferiority.

Slovakia's government should speak their bigoted truth plainly.




Eugene said...

Wow! It is an act of genocide, article 2d, forcible transferal of children. Of course, like all other governments, they'd redefine it to keep themselves out of the courts.

You know, if they are so worried about what the Roma need to get out of their poverty, I think it best to ask the Roma and implement infrastructure to help them get a foothold on their economy.

It has been my observation that all poverty is forced. How can the Slovak government stop forcing poverty upon the Roma people? What do the Roma need to help them in their sovereignty?

Ridwan said...

Thanks for looking in Eugene. Forced removal of children for 'progress'.

Boggles the mind hey.

Peace brother,