Thursday, April 08, 2010

Max Du Preez on Terre Blanche

"I was astonished at the complete overreaction to ... the murder of Eugene Terre'Blanche by so many white South Africans and sections of the white media. ...

How did it happen that all these people forgot that Terre'Blanche was the national clown 16 years ago? That 99.9% of South Africans thought the AWB were disgusting fascists and racists?

Terre'Blanche was the joker with holes in his underpants lying on the doormat of an English poppie, the buffoon who fell off his horse, the crazed racist who led his thugs into Bophuthatswana to “kill some kaffirs”, the lunatic who crashed through the Codesa building’s windows with an armoured car and assaulted staff, the hooligan who served time in jail for a vicious racist assault on a defenceless man.

Nobody but a handful of dronkgat (drunk-ass) half-wits ever took Terre'Blanche seriously.

And now that two of his workers clubbed him to death, apparently because he refused to pay them, he is suddenly a paragon of virtue and a martyr for the white cause!

Most letter writers and radio callers unequivocally declare that his murderers were motivated by Malema’s song.

Do you really think the two workers would not have killed him if Malema had never sang that song? Unless strong evidence emerges, it would be very hard to believe.

I was deeply ashamed by the overwhelming, vulgar racism unleashed by whites since Terre'Blanche’s murder.
Max is on point here. In the opening hours of the murder ETV's coverage was mostly sensationalism.

Deborah Patta and Jeremy Maggs milked the story and made repeated connections between Malema's singing of "kill the boer" and the murder.

This kind of sensationalism sells. And last night the circus continued when secretary general, André Visagie, threw a dramatic fit of confrontation at black political commentator Lebohang Pheko on live TV.

Visagie made a fool of himself. South Africa watched the substance of the AWB in all its inglorious irrelevance.

What is even sadder is the fact that thousands of black victims of crime will not be afforded the same spotlight.


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Eugene said...

Hitler was such a great guy! He brought us the Autobahn, VW, new styles of warfare, he brought the German economy out of the dregs, promoted national unity, etc. His birthday is coming up soon. LET'S ALL CELEBRATE! What a great guy he was. Yeah, there was all that genocide of Jews Gyp,sies, Serbs, etc., but let's not look a the bad things. Let's look at the good things. And if we can't find enough (or any) good things...LET'S MAKE THEM UP! Andy Jackson, great guy! Loved killing Indians and cutting off their body parts for trophies, violated his constitution in deporting the Cherokee, Choctaw, etc., but he brought us a great form of government. Let's put him on the $20.

And the shit goes on and on and on and on. People can be a bunch of f***ing morons when it comes to loving their racist shit heads.

Ridwan said...

So true Eugene. That Hitler is of relevance to some AWB whites in Ventersdorp in the North West province of South Africa, still, boggles the mind.


Cartmanslover said...

Are there no legal repurcussions that media can suffer for sensationalism and brainwashing the nation into panic? However, media aren't the only ones at fault here. Why do South Africans lap up information passively? If they aren't passively accepting racist rhetoric by Malema, then they are passively swallowing inaccuracies being served by media.

South Africans, whether willingly or unconsciously, have relinquished their reasoning power to political personalities and media?We're just easy targets for manipulation.

For women, especially Black women, it just seems to have gotten worse. We're not even involved in the conversations- no matter how- shallow they may be. What's this willingness to be invisible...this refusal to question the ste of the environment in which you exist...this submissiveness to whatever Malema or Deborah Patta or Jeremy Maggs'thoughts- dare I call them- may be at the time?

I was waiting in line at Clicks Phamarcy where two Sistaz "passively" dressed in Bafana Bafana tees seemed to ignore the cashier's call for the next customer. They had been singing the "Shoot the Boer" lullaby and giggling. We, in the line tried to bring their attention to the cashier but to no avail. The cashier eventually, called them in Setswana and miraculously- they responded and shuffled towards the till. During their arthritic-pensioner shuffle, these two 30-something-old-looking Sistaz made a comment that made me want to beat them over their heads with their imaginery walking sticks. They, proudly and cheerfully and oh so stupidly proclaimed in their native laguage:"Hey you can't be calling us in English. We are the Malema's. We don't speak the oppressor's language!"

What?!They are one with MALEMA and his ideas- again, dare I call them that? So what? They have an opinion through him? So what? If he woke up tomorrow and said the Queen of England is the daughter of Africa' s soil,would they own that sentiment as well?

I don't understand this passive adoption of politically visible individuals' ideas- just VISIBLE MEN NOT ENLIGHTENED MEN. And at this point I should correct myself and not exclusively associate "passive aggression" with Black females only or South Africans only. It's this very trap that gave fertile ground for the breeding of the Nazis.I focus on Sistaz and South Africans because that is what I am too.

And to be quite honest, I don't know if I can completely rule out the notion that there was a causal link between Malema's "Shoot the Boer" song and the murder allegedly committed by the UNDERAGE CHILD LABOURER and his older fellow SLAVE (colleague). I know how easily influenced people can be. I grew up with people who will take literally everything said by a person whom they perceive to know more and better. Somewhere in the back of such people's minds, lurks a belief, if you will, that they are simply heeding a call by their leader...master.

I don't know what that is called or how it can be explained but that's what I grew up around. So my argument- based on this unscientifically proven theory is that in this instance, in this context: Terreblanche, Malema and Media are slave masters and the people(whether lower or upper class, Black or White, male or female, ANC or AWB,formally educated or not) who have relinquished their power by passively consuming all this garb they're fed, are slaves.

Who can reason with a self- ordained "politricking" Pide Piper whose rats dance to every tune he plays and are all the more happy to follow even more faithfully no matter how off key his tune is?

This kind of political and media propaganda that will be the soundtrack playing in the background as we accompany our freedom to its final resting place-oblivion.


Ridwan said...

Cartmanslover you so need to blog! Folks will read your stuff for sure.

You bring depth and the 'invisible' voice to the debate above.

Folks of all walks can be so sheep-like.

They posture based on mimicry.

It is like branding, of ideas or lack of ideas, that is.

Empty heads follow vacuous sh*t that the Malema likes shovel and so it goes.

In all this noise we have forgotten the charges brought against him.

This Gucci wannabee fool is the thinking behind the Bafana Bafana clad detractors.

We are in trouble. At Clicks and beyond.

What goes for political thought and media analysis in SAfrica is downright stupid.

It is as if we are afraid, perhaps unable, to see the complexity.

This is why my brain is atrophying even as I write.

Pick up any paper or watch the public channels and you will get state sponsored drivel or Etv-dysfunction analysis.

These are dangerous times. The same kind that led to the state assassination of Socrates.

The ruling party is growing fat and lazy while our freedoms, no our democracy, is being eroded.

Perhaps there lies the critique of the media.

It is rotten because it is all rotten.

Thank you for bringing complexity here.