Monday, May 31, 2010

Israeli Commandos kill 10 In Gaza Flotilla

The caption to this News 24 picture reads:
ANGRY: Pro-Palestinian Turks protest against Israel, at the entrance of Israeli ambassador's residence in Ankara.

This is shocking but oh so predictable.

Israel continues to be the inhumane skunk among nations.

See The Guardian's "Israel attacks Gaza flotilla - live coverage".

Also see Al Jazeera's "Israel attacks Gaza aid fleet".


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Cartmanslover said...

Body count's at 19 so far.

Ridwan said...

Oh my this is sooo sad.

Thanks for the update Cartmanslover.


Dade said...

Bibi Netanyahu is sending a message to any doubters out there: Israel will stop at nothing to keep its boot on the Palestinian throat.

This crisis could go in any direction, but none of them are good.

Ridwan said...

You are so right Dade. This is an absolute violation of International Law.

Those vessels are not warships.

Peace brother,

Eugene said...

I've been reading this on Shusli's blog and made a post of my own as well. This is so ANGERING! And of course, it is not the first time Israel has committed such crimes against humanity. ARRGGGHHH!

joven said...

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Ridwan said...

Eugene I listened to the Israeli officials make it sound as if they were attacked when they illegally boarded those vessels and it reminded me of the lame excuses of the old apartheid regime.

It makes me very angry and sad that so many have to suffer because of the vile actions of that government.

Be well brother. I am off and away from the blog for a while and will catch up on the other side.

By the way, I miss reading Shushli and had no idea she was blogging again.

I must find her blog.


GiGi - The Shy Giraffe said...

sigh.. i been watching the news since i step to work. i'm sadden by the incident.

as someone has mentioned, the yahudi has committed many humanity crime and this too.. will eventually be swept under the rug =:O(

Ridwan said...

Yeah you are soooo right my sista. The war they waged on the innocent in Gaza is all but forgotten.

It is a year since Obama made his big middle east speech and nada has changed.

His administration can barely raise their voices against the inhumanity of the Israeli government.

This is so much the same thing over and over again.

Israel must be called to order.

Be well Gigi. I will look in on your spot.