Thursday, August 19, 2010

American Missionary Found Guilty of Paedophilia

Forty year old missionary Douglas Perlitz has pleaded guilty "to traveling from the United States to Haiti at various times between 2001 and 2008 to have sex with ... eight (male) victims."

He is the founder and director of Project Pierre Toussaint (for boys) in Cap-Haitien, northern Haiti.

I deliberately chose the post heading to include "American" because we live in a time when general aspersions about Islam and Muslim is thrown wildly around.

Just yesterday I read another story where an American journalist was calling on all Muslims to apologize for 9/11 and "Islamist terrorists".

If we use that logic then I guess all Americans are pedophiles or at least those who will not accept responsibility or apologize for Douglas Perlitz's actions.

Add to Americans all Christian too while you at it since he was a Christian Evangelist and, therefore, we can expand the web of guilt.

Oh yes don't forget all white people too!

Crazy world we live in ain't it?

So crazy that about 70 percent of all Americans do not want to allow a Mosque to be built close to Ground Zero in New York because it offends them and those who died in the 9/11 attacks.

So, Islam and all Muslims must be held to be responsible for 9/11 (of course those 300 or so Muslims who died in the attacks are conveniently erased).

My head hurts!

When will the US grow up?

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Nolwazi said...

I read your blog regularly, I've been wanting to comment on so much stuff but the other stuff in my and my Professor's life takes up a lot of my time.

Exactly, what goes on in White...should I say "conservative" America's head?I've been watching this "debate" on CNN since last week, as the racism of White conservative America grew extra teeth. CNN showed what looked like a town hall meeting. Two White females were crying their eyes out begging and pleading with the powers that be, I suppose, not to allow "them" to build "it" so close to where "they" killed "people".

I just let out a big sigh after recalling and typing that.

Seeing these women, didn't have the impact on me that I believe CNN had intended for it to make on the rest of the world. I was perplexed and irritated. I had a lot of questions too.

Who's "them"? Would that be the "them" that have been my friends and neighbours for the past 26years?

What's "it"? That wouldn't be the "it" that the "them" go to to give thanks to The Most High for a new day?

And "they" wouldn't also happen to be the same "them" that also lost their loved ones when "people" were killed on 9/11?

So, who's "people"? Would "people" also include the ones with Brown, Black, and many more shades of colour or just one- white, right?

Then two more White men appeared in some White woman's show and continued the "them", "it", "they", "people" tiresome drivel they called a debate. They all agreed that the "symbolism" of constructing "it" so close to where "they" killed "people" was really what "people" had a problem with.

So, again, I asked.

What "symbolism" exactly would this be? The same "symbolism" of the U.S. attending the 65th annual day of remebrance of the genocide of the Japanese caused by White America? That wouldn't possibly be the "symbolism" that White America is referring to, would it?

Just asking...


Ridwan said...

Nolwazi you should let your professor do his own stuff ;0)

You raise excellent and peering questions.

Sometimes in the US the facts are lost in the diatribe of constructions of evil.

The US cannot exist without and enemy because its entire 'being' is caught between the poles of good and evil.

The who what and when ... the specifics do not matter because the thought is preconceived in that narrowness.

For the majority of Americans to know the complexity is, well ... unAmerican.

Be well sista!


Anonymous said...

interesting book to read up-
'a war on islam?'

by abid ullah jan.

Ridwan said...

Thanks anonymous.