Sunday, September 05, 2010

Blair Has Egg On His Face And Blood On His Shoes

"It really is shameful that somebody (Tony Blair) can be responsible for the death and destruction that he was responsible for in Iraq and Afghanistan and walk away without any accounting for that and become a very wealthy man off the back of it."
So says Richard Boyd-Barrett of the Anti-War Movement.

Mr. Boyd-Barrett was part of a protest against the former British prime minister outside Eason's bookshop on O'Connell Street in Dublin, Ireland, today (05/09).

Blair is accused of making blood money from the Iraq war with the publication of his memoirs.

In recent days Blair has been selling hard. Part of that selling describes George W. Bush as a visionary leader and "radical Islam" as the "greatest threat" to the world.

He also points a stern finger at Iran for being the "greatest promoter" of "radical Islam". "The West" will not allow Iran to threaten the world he argues.

What nonsense from a duplicitous hypocrite who along with the US manufactured war(s) on Iraq and Afghanistan. Bush and Blair must be arrested for crimes against humanity and stand trial at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

These two maniacal murderers are directly responsible for the mass murder of innocents in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Who can forget Guantanamo and the practice of extraordinary rendition?

This is hardly a moment of rejoice toward justice and development in Iraq like that lapdog Uncle Tom in the White House wants us to believe.

We stand at a time in history when the usual culprits in the West have 'perfected' their agenda to dispossess and murder brown and black skins.

Who can ignore the ongoing deportation of Roma people from France under the racist eye of Burqa-hating French president, Nicolas Sarkozy?

Same cut and same cloth!

Blair and Bush are civilisational twins in a very long line of genocidal murderers.

Justice must be done ... and like Robert Sobukwe used to say in the days of my childhood:"The wheels of justice turn very slowly. But boy do they turn."

For more discussion on prosecuting Blair at the ICC see this two part essay by Lesley Docksey, the Editor of Abolish War, entitled "The Long Road to The Hague: Prosecuting Blair", Part 1 and Part 2.



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