Friday, October 29, 2010

Survival Under Cyberattack

Website down
                                after bombardment
GLOBAL Website Down After Bombardment

Survival International has today been targeted by a massive cyberattack, assumed to be the work of the Indonesian or Botswana authorities, or their allies, reacting to our campaign work.

The attack comes one week after Survival reported on a shocking video of Indonesian soldiers torturing Papuan tribal people, and four weeks after calling for tourists to boycott Botswana over the long-running persecution of the Kalahari Bushmen.

Starting with a test attack at 5pm (London time) on Wednesday 27 October, and building to a very sophisticated ‘distributed denial-of-service’ onslaught through that evening and today, many thousands of PCs around the world simultaneously bombarded Survival’s website, knocking it offline.

Survival International has always known that the forces ranged against tribal peoples are very powerful and have unlimited resources. We need you to help us fight them.

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Credit: Angryindian sent the above report to me.

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