Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Road Rage? Just Lob a Grenade To Clear the Way!

Only in South Africa, perhaps?

A man lobbed a grenade into a group of people who were blocking the road.  The man, a police officer, will appear in court on charges of attempted murder.

It is unclear where he got the grenade from.  I heard a supervisor of his talk about his demeanor and the grenade.

According to the supervisor he is a nice guy.  A regular dude who was in possession of a grenade (illegally) and made a bad choice.


My head hurts.  A man was killed as a result of the grenade and the fool made a bad choice?

Damn.  What next hey?

Read the short news brief here.


desert demons said...

As sad as the story is an over violent society often gives birth to apathy and it's pointless to target just the man or his supervisor what needs to be targetted are the years of oppression and suppression and the feelings of the powerless who now have a little power.

Ridwan said...

Thanks for your comment no doubt.

I do worry though that we cannot rationalize the callous manner in which this policeman vented his frustration.

Surely the element of human decency is larger in this incident?


Eugene said...

Give that man a holiday! Oh, wait, this killing isn't as glorious and Columbus', thus it makes sense to just make excuses for the murdering POS. Where do you live, Ridwan? Portland?

Ridwan said...

Hey Eugene!

It is that time again huh? Columbus genocide days .... and its excuses.

I was looking at a citizen's test yesterday and I thought you would love the question: Who was in America before the colonialists landed? Answer: American Indians.

See brother. You were an American even before America existed.

Peace Eugene.