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Brandon Huntley's Refugee Bid Overturned

Mail & Guardian
November 27, 2010

Canada's Federal Court overturned a contentious immigration ruling that granted refugee status to a white man from South Africa who claimed persecution from blacks in his home country. 

Brandon 'White Flight' Huntley
Brandon Huntley argued that whites are targeted by black criminals in South Africa and that the South African government does nothing to protect them. He claimed he was attacked seven times during attempted robberies and muggings.

A Canadian immigration board panel tribunal found Huntley's fears justified and gave him refugee status in August 2009. South Africa had asked the Canadian government to appeal to the court.

Judge James Russell said this week that the decision was badly flawed and it was clear to him that Huntley came to Canada looking for a job, not to flee persecution.

When asked by the refugee panel why he came to Canada, Huntley said: "I came here to look for work because I can't find work in my country and it's easier finding work overseas."

When the refugee decision came down, the South African government expressed outrage and the case raised a furor in that country's media. The authorities called the decision itself "racist" and "ridiculous" and made diplomatic complaints.

Russell said it's possible some white South Africans could make a case for persecution, but had doubts about Huntley.

"I have serious reservations about why this particular white South African came to Canada and, after a considerable delay, opted to claim refugee status." - Sapa-AP

Comment: A lawyer for Huntley claims it is unlikely that he will be forced to return to South Africa because his case and resultant notoriety makes him more likely to be a racial target.

Irony?  Dunno but go figure hey?

Huntley has now pitched a new refugee claim and the Immigration and Refugee board will hear that pitch in six or more months.

I hope he gets to stay in Canada.  He has no place in South Africa.

Still, like the post directly below, there are more than enough white victimization claimants floating around in South Africa.

The Pretoria News today (December 1, 2010: pg.4) published a letter on race statistics and violence by Dr. Elim Steyn who is the President of the Trauma Society if South Africa and Dr. Claire van der Westhuizen who is the project co-ordinator of Injury Prevention.

The Drs. (both are white by the way) say that the "age standardised murder rate (64.8 per 1000 population) establishes South Africa as one of the most violent countries in the world."

However, "young black males between 20 and 40 are 17 times more likely to be murdered in South Africa than a white male in the same age group."

Given this statistic, the authors assert that black men bear the brunt of violence as was the case during the apartheid years.

Furthermore, they argue that the statistics makes the average black man between 20 and 40 more "deserving" to be "candidates for Canadian refugee status."

Very interesting huh?  

I would bet my pension though, all R65.00 thereof, that there is not one black man who has tried to secure refugee status in Canada, or anywhere else, on the basis that his skin makes him 17 times more likely to be murdered than the fool Brandon Huntley and the many many white men/folks who share his victim mindset.


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