Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Empire Struggles On ... Obama Fails

by Jim Miles
February 4, 2011

The situation in Egypt remains highly unsettled and the eventual outcome is still an unknown, but two things are clear: first that Obama is a failure, in spite of all his record of fine sounding rhetoric; and secondly, the empire struggles on, with as good a chance of winning this round with the Tahrir Square democracy protestors.

Obama’s speech in Cairo was essentially about terrorists, extremists, and the U.S. will to combat them, surrounded with a bunch of other nice language about friendship with Islam, democracy, and growing economies. Obama’s recent slow and ineffectual reaction to events in Cairo and elsewhere in Egypt demonstrate the lie behind the fine sounding rhetoric of “hope” and “change” that he used in his election campaign and the fine sounding rhetoric of “democracy” used in his Cairo speech. At this point in time they are meaningless words in relation to events in Egypt.

Obama fits in very well with the military-industrial-political elite of the U.S., so well that he is incapable of acting in support of the very democracy ideal he purportedly wishes for the people of the Middle East. With a demonstration that was largely peaceful, that covered people from all facets of life in Egypt - save the military-political elite - Obama hesitated in support of real democracy in Egypt.

Unfortunately this is not surprising. The U.S. is meddling in politics throughout the region even though one of its favourite public mantras is about allowing no “foreign “ interference in the affairs of other countries, that they have to settle it themselves through dialogue and discussion. The U.S. is the most common foreign meddler in the region, using a variety of means to influence their control of the regimes, people, and resources of the region. The influence comes in various strands.

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Comment: The hypocrisy of Obama and company never ceases to amaze me.  It is like a broken record really.  Tom sprouts nonsense about democracy but acts to keep its undemocratic ties and influence in the so called middle east intact.

Then when the proverbial hits the fan the US is left without a clue.  So, they go back to the usual nonsense about democracy and reform.

Where in the three decades of blood dirty support of Egypt has the US stepped back and called for reform?  Why now?

The saddest part is that even as I write this Tom and his imperialists are busy 'influencing' what will happen in Egypt and Tunisia.  Unfortunately we will see an intermediate outcome that looks very different than those good revolutionaries in Tahrir Square expect.

A damn shame but then again the revolution is far from over until the despots that rule the middle east (including Israel) are sent packing.

The next house to fall ... Saud.



Anonymous said...

InshaAllah.... there will be good to come of this.
I know the solution will be far from ideal, but I'm hopeful that it will be better than the past.
Mostly, though, I hope the Egyptian people have long memories- and the perceptiveness to realise that an old friend of the country led by a despot- can not be a new friend.

Too much to expect, I know.
But I can hope.
(For Saud too!)

Ridwan said...


Thanks for your comment. Like you I too hold on to hope.