Saturday, March 05, 2011

Tom is Moving in on Libya

Even as I write here President Obama and his European allies are moving fast to invade Libya under the guise of a humanitarian mission.

A "no-fly-zone" will most likely be declared soon and policed by Nato in the days ahead.  This tactic will allow Tom to essentially occupy Libya in a remote controlled kind of way (without an actual land invasion - for now).

The "no-fly-zone" strategy will very likely include strategic bombing of key military points in Libya to soften the ground for an eventual ground offensive.

This imperial war-making strategy was pursued in Iraq under Daddy Bush and Bill Clinton.  When Dubya finally rushed in on the ground there was nothing left to withstand the ground offensive that toppled Saddam.

Libya in this sense is Iraq II and the autocratic rule of Gadaffi  (like that of Saddam) has very little to do with 'saving' its people.

This war is about oil and security interests in the region.  US interests that are more important now that the fallout in neighboring Egypt has rendered its naked control over the region a little more than uncertain.

As Tom moves ahead it is worrying that too many leftists are narrowly focused on the excesses of Gadaffi while ignoring the larger injustice that is about to happen (or happening).

Don't get me wrong here.  I am not an apologist for Gadaffi and believe he needs to go.  The question, however, is how he should go. 

That said, I am still stumped as to why this revolt is happening now.  I also wonder about the rebels who are directing this revolt?  Also, why are the rebels victimizing/killing black Africans inside of Libya?

These issues, among others, raise serious questions about the timing and purpose of the revolt agenda and only time will reveal more details. 

Nonetheless, whatever the reasons it is important to stop the US and its imperial axis from occupying Libya.  We have enough of that kind of murderous war mongering in Iraq/Afghanistan/Pakistan already.

So, Tom stay out of Libya ...



Dade said...

Well-reasoned. I'm afraid you're right on the money, my friend.

I don't know what to do about Libya. Perhaps the best thing for Americans to do is to stand back and let the Libyans sort it out for themselves. But it is hard to do that when Colonel Gaddafi is unleashing his forces on civilians.

Ridwan said...

Thanks kindly Dade for your comment.

Trust you are well brother. I have called for us to discuss the situation here at 'salary hell'.

I think we should be worried about the biased news reports that have got is to this point.

The US has no business in Libya's affairs. It should adopt the ignorant disconnected position that it did in Rwanda and Burundi.

But then again both those countries are not sitting on tons of black gold.

Be well my brother.