Sunday, March 13, 2011

US Drone Strike Kills Five in Pakistan

by PressTv
March 13, 2011

A non-UN sanctioned US drone attack has killed at least five people and wounded several others in Pakistan's northwest tribal area of South Waziristan, intelligence officials in the region say.

The five were killed on Sunday morning when a US drone aircraft fired two missiles at a vehicle in Azam Warsik, a militant hotbed on the Afghan border, a Press TV correspondent reported.

Meanwhile, locals said US predator drones were still hovering over the South and North Waziristan tribal regions.

The attack comes two days after two US drone attacks killed at least six people and wounded several others in North Waziristan Province near the border with Afghanistan.

The US frequently carries out such attacks on Pakistan's tribal areas. Attacks by unmanned American planes have left dozens of people dead in the volatile region over the past weeks.

Nearly 1,200 people were killed in 124 unauthorized US drone attacks in Pakistan in 2010.

The aerial attacks, initiated by former Republican US president George W. Bush, have been escalated under Democratic President Barack Obama, who had promised major changes in the American militaristic policies .

The United States claims the raids target Pakistani militants. But Pakistani officials say many civilians are also killed in the attacks.

Meanwhile, Pakistani sources have stated that the US drone strikes kill 50 civilians for every one militant.

Islamabad has frequently slammed the US over the drone strikes, saying they violate its sovereignty.

Comment: I wonder if those patriots calling for Gaddafi's head have wrapped their self-righteous heads around this brutal statistic: 
"Nearly 1,200 people were killed in 124 unauthorized US drone attacks in Pakistan in 2010."  
America's war on Muslims and Islam continues unabated.  Watch your back.



desert demons said...

Thanx for writing this - so few people speak about the drones and now added to that is the arrest of Raymond Davis and all the questions that arise when US mercenaries are freely roaming around and inducing civil unrest - it's amazing how badly the US wants him back ,I dread to think what would happen to him if he was a Pakistani operative caught in the US.

Ridwan said...


Thanks desert demons. You are right about drones and Davis.

And all the while Obama pontificates like he really can live up to that Nobel Peace Prize they threw at him.

What a scam hey.


Anonymous said...

A speaker once said that everything was semantics.
The right play on words and you could change history -and the future- and we see it frequently enough.
I always marvel at the coupling of words in 'a cowardly suicide attack' - which, forget the who's and why's and shouldn'ts for a second, is anything but cowardly.
Yet drones are legitimate instruments of ....not terror.
not war.
a drone strike.
just that. such a docile little euphemism.

Ridwan said...

Anonymous you have captured it exactly and profoundly.

This age of "docile little euphemism(s)" that defy the real terror.

I hear how terms like "pro-Gaddafi forces" are used inside Libya where Gaddafi (like it or not) is still the leader and those in the military are Libyan militia.

In Iraq the notion of "insurgents" ... can one be that in your own country?

What would that make the US in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and elsewhere?

Thank you kindly for adding complexity to my post.