Monday, April 25, 2011

Dumbing at Number 11

This is a round-up post with no real form or meaning.  In a postmodern sense it can be anything you want it to be ... or not :)

I heard a political analyst/government lackey say in an interview: "All the dead were previously living before the accident."

The moron was referring to victims of a car accident.

A young man running and kicking a ball in the street in front of number 11 said: "I almost did fall here."

A white man in a khaki shirt talking about a rhino he saw said: "The rhino was standing there by the fence just now."

A political analyst talking the usual sh*t said: "The issue with that issue needs to be addressed inside of all the relevant issues."


Oh yeah Mooi sent me a text that said: "Johnny Mathis (Sai Baba) has left his mortal coil."

To many (including the Coronation Guru) god is dead.  Wonder if he will just join his moms and the rest of the Anglicans in church now?

I watched Al Jazeera last night and what was left of his mortal coil was lying "in state" and in a see-through coffin of sorts.

I have a need for an Easter egg and foot spa like the Pope was handing out.

I have a young relative who is the most beautiful young lady I have ever seen (no exception) and she is even more so when she chooses to wear the Nikab.

Her name is Ridwana.  And they call her Ridi too!!  :0)

This morning an older married woman wearing Nikab looked me straight in the eye and asked me how I was doing.

"Are you married?" she asked.

"You should be.  Lots of men marry even later in life.  There is hope for you," she added.

Is there hope for Sarkozy?  And the bigots who are waging war on the bodies of Muslim women?



Dade said...

A perfectly neurotic post in a psychotic world! Well done!

Post a photo of Ridwana!

Ridwan said...

Thanks for your comment brother Dade!

It is a neurotic post for sure.

I think Ridwana should have her picture up here. I will have to check with her parents first.

Peace to you,

pserean said...


yeah, i vote for her pic as well. in niqaab!
(as they say in the lunch bar ad: ... obviaas.)

*happy freedom day*

hope you were a good south african, and toy toyed the hours away ;P

Ridwan said...

Salaams pserean:

Great to hear from you. I will tell Ridwana when I see her on Sunday as I make my way through her town back to Pretoria.

I did not pay much mind to the day or its context to tell you the truth.

It was too cold I think to think about anything but soup :)

But happy "freedom day" to you too :)

I trust you are well and staying warm too.

ridwan (the other ridi ;)

Sophie Basil said...

peace brothers,

i was curious to hear about Mooi's response to Sai Baba's death..
i loved both your and Mooi's posts about Puttaparti and Kashmir, not that i can remember them too well.

I dont get what you are saying about posting pictures of beautiful niqabis though.
is this a joke im missing?
If it isnt, then com'on guys, thats kinda cruel I think.
its hard enough wearing an abaya n khimar in predominantly non-muslim communities, let-alone niqab, and we do precisely so that men refrain from thinking about our physical beauty. Its alot of effort to make to protect the hearts of both ourselves but also you guys, can yo'll make that effort back?

Sophie Basil said...

peace brother,

i was curious to hear what Mooi's had to say about Sai Baba's death, i loved both your and his posts on Kashmir n Puttaparti, not that i can remember them too well.

About posting photos of Niqabi babes..
Are you guys kidding?!
i hope to God SWT, you are.
its a massive effort to wear a khimar n abaya in predominantly non-muslim communities, let-alone niqab, but we do it cause we're trying to protect the hearts of men as well as our own, please appreciate that and make some effort yourselves.

Dont mean to be a jerk, but unless its a joke ive missed, i find that upsetting.

Ridwan said...

Salaam Sophie:

Thank you for your comment and for reading here.

Mooi believes Sai Baba has merely changed forms. We are meeting this weekend (socially) and I will press him for more detail.

I hear you on the Nikab and the need for respect. That is the position of this blog for the four plus years it has existed.

There is no intent to degrade Muslim women or any other women here.

In this context there never was any suggestion to post pictures of "Nikabi babes" ... those words do not appear here.

The very young lady I was referring to is my blood relative. Her parents are proud of her as I am.

She has taken the stand to wear Nikab and it is a personal choice.

Her freedom to define herself is the point.

The closing reference is to Sarkozy and the the mindset that denigrates Muslim women who choose to wear the Nikab.

Nowhere on this blog will you find any attempt to devalue Muslim women or any women.

A lot of sarcasm is thrown around but not the kind that you may find "upsetting".

Thanks for voicing your concerns nonetheless.



pserean said...

Salams :)

Sophie- I'm glad you're standing up for women in hijaab and niqaab, Alhamdulillah. I think we are all in awe of those women who hold their Deen close, regardless of societal norms and differing treatment.
Which is why I thought it would be a great idea to post a pic of Ridwans relative- in full niqaab.
Decency and integrity intact?
Not as a tease, or some perverse joke- but I'd like to see a niqaabi on the honour roll. They're too often erroneously portrayed as some abused woman cliche.... and here is a thirteen year old who is - keeping away from the world something most women want to give. And at an age when it's especially difficult- when girls unfurl and bloom and want to show their feathers.
So InshaAllah, Allah will grant her something the world can never take from her.

As for the pic- It was never meant unkindly or as a slight on our sisters or in any way exploitative.

Merely- a sidestep to what beautiful really is?

Ridwan said...

Salaams pserean:

Thank you very much for joining me and assuring our sister Sophie about our intentions.

Ridwana's family are not against her picture being posted here and, in fact, I have a few in my email box.

I have decided to wait because of the anti-Muslim diatribe/sentiment that has been sent to this blog since the Obama assassination.

You may have seen just one that I let through above.

The comments are vile and disturbing and I do not want an innocent young life to be caught up in this kind of mindless attack.

When I visited the family last weekend I explained to her dad that there are folks who send racist and anti-Muslim comments to the blog quite regularly - though in the months before the assassination it had subsided.

He was not surprised given the conditions Muslims live in since 9/11.

We cannot ignore the threats that face us. It is a sad reality that will test us even further.

In these contexts I find it even more impressive and heartening that a young girl is so proud and strong in her deen to take a stand.

May Allah grant us all the same strength of conviction to stand for what we believe in.