Friday, April 08, 2011

John Pilger on Obama's Historical Distinction

The Euro-American attack on Libya has nothing to do with protecting anyone; only the terminally naive believe such nonsense. It is the west's response to popular uprisings in strategic, resource-rich regions of the world and the beginning of a war of attrition against the new imperial rival, China.

President Barack Obama's historical distinction is now guaranteed. He is America's first black president to invade Africa. His assault on Libya is run by the US Africa Command, which was set up in 2007 to secure the continent's lucrative natural resources from Africa's impoverished people and the rapidly spreading commercial influence of China. Libya, along with Angola and Nigeria, is China's principal source of oil. As American, British and French planes incinerate both "bad" and "good" Libyans, the evacuation of 30,000 Chinese workers is under way, perhaps permanently.

Statements by western officials and media that a "deranged and criminal Colonel Gaddafi" is planning "genocide" against his own people still await evidence. They are reminiscent of the fraudulent claims that justified "humanitarian intervention" in Kosovo, the final dismemberment of Yugoslavia and the establishment of the biggest US military base in Europe.
Read the rest of John Pilger's article here.

Comment: The news from the lapsing empire is that Obomber has thrown his hat in for a second term.  Already there are folks asking whether America's first black president can fool the nation twice.

Dunno.  I called it wrong when I insisted that Obama had no chance of being elected to the presidency.

I called it right though saying that his black skin would not negatively impact the whiteness of American politics once he started sleeping in the White House.

In effect, Obama has clearly demonstrated that a black man can be a very productive agent of whitenes in all terms. 

Harriet Beecher Stowe would be so happy to know that Uncle Tom lives in the White House!

It is probably for these reasons that I did not make much about his black skin and his declaration of war on Libya.

Obama is no friend to oppressed people be they black, brown, white or any other.

This fact will, however, be of little consequence to those (deluded liberals in particular) who will want to give him another four years to prove that his sellout ass is as it is ... nothing more.

See also Mahmood Mamdani's article ""Libya: Politics of Humanitiarian Intervention" for a more academic treatment of Obomber's war on Libya. 

Of particular interest is his questioning of what will happen to the billions of Libyan/Gaddafi dollars the West has seized/frozen (stolen).



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