Friday, May 13, 2011

Blog Anxiety, Heartbreak, and Friday the 13th

The last time I felt this heartbroken and down-and-out was when I called my then girlfriend (Sybil) and she was not taking my calls ):

What the hell happened to my blog and where are all my posts from Wednesday on!  Why did blogger crash for two days ... is it the Taliban?

Dammit ... this blog is the most enduring relationship I have ever had.  I have not even cheated once in four plus years!

Honest.  Though I have been looking.

Still, can't we work things out ... ?  I'll change.  For real.  No more blogging and watching TV and listening to the radio at the same time ... promise!

And screw Wordpress ... I'm not even attracted to that kind of action though I heard and see she got it going on ... I like the look but screw may be pushing it.  I'm not ready to rebound yet!

Naaaa forget all of that mess love. 

I can be faithful ... mostly.

"Can't we try?  Love was never born to say goodbye ..." like TP said.

And you know how you like that post-big-fight cuddle and nasty?  Right?  

Baby you there?  Hello ... !!!

Dammit ........ Friday the 13th it is ... big busted picture and all :0(


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UPDATE (May 14):  Blogger and I made up.  My lost posts are back below and all is good even better than I anticipated. 

The sun is shining.  And the cold is warm.


desert demons said...

O come on now friend it really isn't that bad and I'm almost certain the Taliban have bigger fights than blogger :P

I'm certain you also posted on the DRC rape crimes - where did it go ?

Ps : 13 can be good ... think 13 bars of chocolate :)

Ridwan said...

Hey there DD.

You are right I know. :)

Yeah I posted a grip of stuff that is gone. I'm not alone.

The word from blogger is that most of what was put up in the last 30 or so hours have followed Sybil into the abyss ;0)

So, I'm going out right now to buy 13 packets of M&M peanut candies.

I'm gonna test your theory (though I wonder how much insulin will be needed to cover 13 packets ;).

Be good and have a great weekend.

Thanks for making me smile.



pserean said...

Blogger took you back, for old time's sake;)

(You better steer clear of any wordpress sites for a while, I think...)

Ridwan said...

Salaam P.

Yeah we made up. I am watching my step though.

Gonna play it safe. :)

Be well.


TalesNTypos said...

So much drama, and it passed me by. :-P

Drama queen Ridwan!

Ridwan said...

Hey TnT:

Yeah the drama came and went for many but a few "queens".

You are not the first to call me that :0)

Thanks for looking in.


Dade said...

I had a similar moment of anxiety, brother. Thankfully, blogger came back!

Ridwan said...

Hey there Dade!

I looked in your spot during the meltdown.

I'm glad blogger came back. I'm not ready for FaceBook or the rest.

Trust you are well.