Sunday, June 12, 2011

Abused Dog Kills Owner


Bangkok - A golden retriever mauled its Thai master to death after allegedly enduring years of abuse, media reports said on Sunday.

Mana Tesrit, 51, died in hospital on Saturday after being savaged by his three-year-old dog at his home in Sattahip district of Chonburi province, 120 kilometres east of Bangkok, The Nation newspaper reported.

Mana's wife Sompong Rodkhlam told police that the dog, named Peter, may have attacked her husband because he had kicked and abused it since it was a puppy.

Sompong was out of the house at the time of the attack, which was witnessed by neighbours. (SAPA)

Comment: Good dog. Onward! toward animal rights and liberation. I hope the authorities do not decide to put the dog down. Killing this fool was an act of liberation and revolution.

If they need someone to adopt that dog and give it a loving and peaceful home I want to put my name down. There is that untouched pension plan in the evil empire that can fund a trip to Bangkok and I am serious.

I remember when Founder came into my life three years ago it about tore my heart to shreds. She was emaciated and seemed to have been used by dog breeders to bear puppies for Pit Bull fodder.

I approached her with caution and offered her water on a sweltering day. She watched me closely and I stepped back and she struggled toward the water. She was just literal hours from dying.

In the days that followed I brought food and she ate carefully.  But she never approached me.

Three days into meeting her my mom called me from upstairs: "You need to come to the front door Ridwan you have a visitor."

I walked outside and there she was sitting wagging her tail and looking toward me. I moved forward and she did not run. She came toward me and pressed against my side. And at that moment she became Founder.

I 'found her' and she 'found me' ...

If you travel to number 11 today she will be there. In the front garden healthy and muscular. A Boxer who was abandoned and hatefully abused by the living dead who think their lives are more than the very creatures set down here to live among us and in harmony with us.

We got a lot to learn and many many miles to travel if our pretenses about being humane and superior is to be marginally true.

That dog in Thailand had every right to fight for its life. It is as the Great Spirit intended. No life is without value or redemption is my thinking.


PS: I was missing home a few months ago so I went to Google Maps and virtually strolled down the streets of my old neighborhood. When I got to number 11 I zoomed in and there standing on-guard was the ever watchful Founder. She is an amazing and resilient being whose body has healed and her heart is pure love and devotion.  And yeah she still presses tight against me.  I absolutely love her.

If animals are not part of your life and in your struggle for greater enlightenment and freedom then you are missing a huge part of what was intended.

Like Aunty Mavis (our neighbor) always says when she sees Founder: "There are no cruel animals just cruel people."  I concur.


desert demons said...

I totally agree and I'm a firm believer that animals are a LOT better than us in so many ways , think hunting only for food, caring as a community, mourning their dead, mating for life etc... sadly I don't have a pet although I guess I could count my partner as one...couldn't I?

Ridwan said...

And your partner would be honored to be so grandly associated I am sure DD.

I have yet to come across an animal that just gets up on the regular to do evil and kill for the hell of it.

On my way to Kimberley a couple of weeks ago I drove past a huge abattoir and the stench was horrid.

I reminded myself that the stench was the injustice of death and eating animals.

It was their resistance.

When the time is right you will find the other companion(s) to enrich your life and theirs :0)


Nolwazi said...

We need the same Doggy Revolution in my township,UMlazi. My fossil of a neighbour has held many of God's creatures hostage over the years. If an animal health inspector were to follow the trail of ticks and flees, it would lead him/her to a cage collapsing onto 5 geese, 2 dogs and 3 cats. One of the dogs developed a habit of perching on our veranda, much to my aunt-in-law's (not that one,that one still mourns her Jack Russel, Post, her best friend growing up) annoyance. This aunt-in-law,well,her annoyance would turn into verbal and physical abuse. Something inside me always told me the dog understood every hurtful, unwarranted curse hissed at him while he quivered and ducked the stones hurled at his already wounded,boney body. My aunt-in-law's behaviour,though,isn't hers alone. It is the way of "the kassie people". Dogs are there to be chained to lamp posts and sewage pipes while awaiting to be used for entertainment by humiliation. And of course they are there to stand guard over our houses and families, while the humans bask in the glory of first place in the food chain. They are in essence to Blacks what Blacks were to Whites. Go figure.

Nolwazi said...

DD, on your accurate about animals being better in character than us and being more valuable, I'm reminded of a chat my Dad and I had while he was bathing our doggy. He told me it costs R750 to cremate dogs...far more than it does to cremate a human. Ridwan,is that true or was my Dad just trying to break it to me gently that the dog's inheriting his entire estate?

Ridwan said...

Hey Nolwazi it pains me to even read you comment sista.

I know you remember my donkey escapade in the NW.

Why are we so cruel? And you right, niggaz should know better.

Can folks really detach themselves from even a modicum of caring for animals?

I grew up in a Muslim household with all kinds of animals as you know. Some of the 'more' righteous in drag like throwing down verses while ignoring the prominent place of dogs, in particular, in the Qur'an.

How would they know they don't understand Arabic and won't read translations (but that is another wank for another time)?

That now fat feline Heffa I picked up in your village is now a full fledged member of the family.

Did I tell you cats follow my ass around on the regular? In Mexico City a cat followed me around in Punta Mita too(think you know how Mita was named).

The neighbors here have two sweet kittens. They have taken to stopping by and one is black (voodoic?).

Whateva ne.

In fact both are climbing the stairs even as I write here.

There are not too many f*cking people I let into my house as you know.

Animals are welcome any time.

Oh yeah I remember you telling me about the cats outside your flat.

Adopt them. For real.

Or at least shoot the first crack ass that tries to hurt 'em.

I will bail you out and I know lawyers ... OK granted they crappy lawyers who work for the CCMA but we could get you out :0)


Ridwan said...

On cremating dogs and costs I will have to plead the fifth in a country that does not have the fifth in the constitution.

I meant to ask you about the "unpacking ishshoes" class and their new favorite line: "I plead the fifth".

Niggaz watch entirely too much MNet hey?

Your daddy smoke? Just jiving damn my sista ... I did not say smoke what ;)


pserean said...

Dogs always bring out religion in me.( It's usually the Kalima and Ayatul Kursi:P)


Your Aunt Mavis was right.

Ridwan said...

P. you are funny. There is a little kitten just purring to get to know ya.

Check the yellow pages for the SPCA's number :0)

Yeah Aunty Mavis' is right.

SLM and Onward!


Nolwazi said...

Oooh eish eish eish, I really hate technology hey! It's so difficult to figure out. I've been commenting with my cellphone lately but to day I'm on the laptop. Apperently, accessing the internet with one's cellphone completely erases any memory one might have had of using a laptop to access the web...and comment on blog posts.

Or maybe, my ass just be too Zuma-wifey like to click-literally.

Anyway, wsup Brotha with an 'h'!

How has the day gone? Your way, I hope.

Now down to some biznis...No nigga, my Daay don' smoke and yes ma nigga, we need some BEE posts up in that Victoria's Secret lace factory.

When did cats start following you around? I'll tell you why they do that: coz they see you and say:"I could hang with this nigga, dis here nigga is tha typa nigga a nigga could hang with! He aint stupid. And he don talk for the sake of having his mouth open like them fatcat ANC niggas.":)

The voodooic cat is back, believe it or' the black and white (mulatto) kitten. So funny that you should mention them. They sense you up in cyberspace too, it appears.

They chill outside the door or under, up and in the tree. I really suspect the Black cat is the Mulatto cat's daddy. I told you Mama be YT, though right? Remember?

I could gain a lot of leverage from those cats. You know how Black folks (especially the ones in the staffroom) up in village hell are convinced cats are used for the sole purpose of witchcraft (oh gosh, typing that wore me out instantly). Bringing those Cats to work with me would give some protection...or get me burnt at the stake for real this time...the latter seems the quickest, most permanent way to escape village hell.