Friday, June 10, 2011

Funky Friday

Damn N. what the hell you doing up at 2:10 in the early?  Making babies or plotting a revolution or the other way around?

And you got a full time too!  What they doing to you at your salary hell?  Sorry ne.  It's a circle.

Thanks for the too-late texts anyway.  I must be getting on if your crazy ass is the only sense I am feeling :0) 

You called the cut below and here it is.  Now stay warm in that damn pothole village and get the f*ck out before you go sane.

Much luv sista and "clouds in your coffee".


PS: I bet they still think that post was about 'em huh?  Whateva.  If your man is not sweating you right my lost sista you may want to ask Victoria about her secret.  I don't roll like that.  Eva.


Nolwazi said...

Yes Ridwan,I was making babies in my asexual,loose-elastic beige full panty-wearing state.Plotting to bomb something...well,that's just my happy place Brotha. HAHAHAHAHAHA!And Ridwan,what the hell in reference to that Victoria's secret white girl addy!! I got my third death threat at salary hell today.Damn,I hate working with Black folks.Yes,I know,I know,how dare I when I'm Black myself and Mandela died for my freedom,gasp in horror,gasp in horror?Ya,I know. A 53 year old grown-ass,Black-ass,bitter-ass,crazy-ass woman vomitted this garbage in my direction:"I'm warning you,don't allow those people in the staff room to make you come to me with witchcraft,you'll get burnt,I'm swear,I'll burn you." LIKE WHAT THE F*%K?! That aint even grammatically correct! I was typing the memo for the english exam I set for the grade 7 rugrats I teach! HOW THE F¤+K AND WHEN THE F><K DID SATAN AND HIS PIMPS ROLL UP IN MY SPACE AND POSSESS THIS WOMAN? SOMEBODY CALL THE EXORCISM HOTLINE QUICK! What now? I rock up to work with a garlic necklace,a wooden stake in my right hand and holy water in my left? WHAT THE F#%K! When the time comes for me to get my sexy back,put on my YT gurl Victoria secret lace panties in an attempt to tempt a man into knocking me up at 2:10am,I SWEAR THAT NIGGA BETTER BE WHITE! I'm diluting my gene pool! I love my hypothetical offshoots too damn much to subject them to a Black mama,a Black daddy and both their primitive cultural make-up with all its defunct voodooic attachments. YES,I SAID IT-VOODOOIC! F%%%%%%@@@@@@K! I'm a little upset about work today. Can you tell?

Ridwan said...

Nolwazi I read your comment this morning thinking 'damn she gonna get fired' ... but maybe that's what you aiming at ne?

You know how moral and self righteous (or is it sanctimonious muthaz have become since YT figured out that there was no real money to be made robbing black folks anymore and gave them the empty store to pretend like they free).

Its a circle my sista. All this sh*t about freedom and purpose and learnaz and educataz.

They (the living dead) sold our freedom to the market.

It helps that some black folk can stand in the middle of this Frankenstein cesspool and call the sh*t right.

I've always admired that about your crazy ass. Don't mean I don't worry about you like you did about me when I took on the village idiots and they looked much like that ouma in the staff room.

I left before they could fire my crazy ass.

Maybe the prose will play out the same for you ... if you want.


AnyHow, yo I need to defend Victoria's secret ne. Ask Guru Mooi. That b*tch was looking for a lingerie shop in god's village ... don't let him tell you different.

Apparently the Baba had skills that landed him in deep doodoo when feminist YT thought he traveled too far down south to be a god.

So no lingerie places or strip clubs in that part of deluded heaven.

I think Tata or Mahindra and the Guptas have secrets too.

Your many wives lip licking leader too. Ask Shaik between golf holes.

I did not tell you about that time when I regularly joined a group of men pacing nervously in that empty space reserved for embarrassed men attached to an assortment of barbies at Victoria's spot.

Did I?

Hey a brutha was well trained with a monthly budget allocation bigger than my car note before aerobics barbie decided to stop her meds and all hell broke loose ;0)

(Just jiving moms ... you really should not be reading any Nolwazi comments or my replies.)

Yo there are other disturbing strands in your comment ne. And very few of them of your own making.

Heal my sista while I will get on the horn to Vicky and complain about the lack of Affirmative Action on her site.

I promise I noticed ... for real. You know I very rarely lie when it comes to such intellectual topics.

Should we be calling Obama? Tom needs to address the lack of brown and black at Vicky's spot.

Be well and book that ticket to Dubai or Oman or wherever the f*ck grown men walk around in drag and front like they got God on speed dial.

I will still luv your crazy ass even with a white boy.

But don't make any more coloureds like the deluded Guru and please don't start eating cucumber mayo sandwiches!