Sunday, June 19, 2011

Second Chances and Sunday Soul

You asked me if there was anything I liked and missed about the US and the American way and it got me thinking through the week.

I was reminded of a student of mine a few years ago who told me his marriage had fallen apart and he had lost his job and decided that it was time to try again.

"That is the American way. The opportunity to have a second chance over and over again," Big E. said to me.

The commemoration of the 1976 Soweto Riots on Wednesday made me remember that the American way offered me a second chance denied by the land of my birth.

I admire the sincere space for a second chance in the American way. That spirit of never say die, ever.

And so it must be for El Debarge and his second chance at remaking himself. He must know there are no guarantees.

South African society can learn a lot from this spirit. We make a lot about being forgiving and reconciling but it is known to just about everyone that we are stuck in judgement and too quick to assign blame and permanent degradation.

Being human means you are never right the first time or the second or the other second time.

I like the humane sincerity of allowing folks to try again. And again.

"... If you listen there's a melody in how you live your life
You can write the song you want to hear ..."



Rose said...

Maybe this is why I still haven't been able to leave here! I can't fathom a world without second chances.

Ridwan said...

Hola Rose:

A space without second chances is an identity prison.

Even in the 'rain' it is heartening to know that you can remake yourself if you dig deep enough.

The mindset is an important act toward freedom.

Peace to you and yours,

pserean said...


Love this post. Woke up to those very thoughts!

Ridwan said...

Salaams P.:

Thank you kindly for your comment.

Greats minds huh ... ?


Peace to you,

Anonymous said... is forgiving this way, you opened my eyes brother.


Ridwan said...

Salaams Laila:

You are an amazing woman Laila. I am soooo very proud of your resilience and strength.