Wednesday, July 06, 2011

A "Badman's" Blog II

I know while you slept last night it burned you that just one badman with this skin could stand up and lay your pretensions flat.  What you think I've been doing while you and yours were stuffing yourself on me and mine? 

I know too now that this post brings you supposed evidence of a badman with racist hatred toward you.  Even if you win your case it won't hide the contempt  they have for you and you will burn some more.

And slowly.

It is the way of truth!  And the balance that is life.

I am not on trial here.  You and yours are. 

Nonetheless, read some more here and elsewhere.  But know it has been a longtime since trifling folks like you made me worry.  I am still standing because I don't sweat you and yours.

You are  fighting outside your weight class and should be worried a whole lot more because your skin did not make you nearly as smart as you want to be.

And as you will have be if you gonna win over me.


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