Friday, July 01, 2011

Funky Friday

This week's ride to work in the morning has been a jam but not in the traditional gridlock sense.  Rather it has been a "ride the boogie" jam in retakes.

And this morning's ride was all the more vibey.  It's all your nite now.  Thank you for naming it. :0)

The g-roundup is that I have nothing much to say about Professor Sellout giving Aunt Jemima a doctorate at that school where the white kids urinated on our supposed revolution.

That there is tired and contrived ass kissing of the post-postcolonial kind.  Thanks for asking me dawg but that is my take.  Nothing new.  Same disease.  Same fight.

As for the ICC and Gaddafi ... well right after the ICC calls for the arrest of G. W. Bush and his murderous thugs I'll be right on the case. And Obama and company should not be too far off with all the extra-judicial drone killings of innocents in Pakistan and Afghanistan

You know that ain't gonna happen.  Right?  We do not live in a fair world.  Nothing new.  Same disease.  Same fight.

Still, recall the New Jack Swing vibe chief and take a break while you reload.

"So act like you know and float with the flow
... its your nite ..."


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