Monday, July 04, 2011

Google Did Not Censor APNS' Pro-Palestinean Activism

A couple days ago I alleged that Google had blocked the RSS feeds to APNS Public Radio. 

This morning I received confirmation from The Angryindian that Google did not remove those RSS feeds and has not acted to suppress voice of APNS Public Radio.

The dismantling of the RSS feeds is the work of a hacker(s) and the situation has been remedied for now.  Though not all shows are up and running yet.

Angry has issued an apology to Google and I join him in offering my sincere regret for alleging that Google interfered with the free speech inherent in democratic values.

I have removed the post in question.

It is clear that the Aboriginal News Group will have to maintain an open communication with Google on matters of content and responsibility and especially where hacking arises.

Geez hey.  I feel like I cheated on my girlfriend.  Not nice and responsible.

My blog has been hosted here for free and without any interference from Google.  They cannot be held responsible for the daily racist rants that appear in my blog email.

Still, I am sorry and hope sincerely that my apology is appropriate and accepted.  When I'm wrong, I'm wrong, and I take full responsibility.


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TheAngryindian said...

Thank you for mentioning this incident Bro. Ridwan as Google, unlike other US communication firms, has been much more honest about the whittling away of privacy online than other companies. And while it is still possible that there may have been 'something else' going on that we are not aware of, we all know ful well that Hasbara (Israeli propaganda) has a very nasty habit of doing anything they think might prevent or dismay others from speaking out objectively and effectively to defend human rights in Occupied Palestine and all across the Fourth World.

We are aware and even more committed than ever...


Ridwan said...

Hey brother Angry.

You are right about the Zionist propaganda machine and I am not even discounting their interference.

But as you say what we know is that Google has not sought to shut us down and that is reason enough to retract the allegation.

But we cannot be weary brother.

We will move forward. It can't be any other way.

Keep pressing and I'll be right by your side.

Onward! indeed.