Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Is Turkey a Suitable Model for the Muslim World?

by Shabnam Dana
Dissident Voice
July 12th, 2011

"Turkey is currently Israel’s biggest trade partner in the region and its second-biggest in the world, following the United States. In the first three months of 2011, Turkey exported products worth $579.3 million to Israel and imported goods worth $397.3 million.

While Turkey purchases high-tech defense-industry equipment from Israel, amongst the goods they export are military uniforms and footwear for the Israeli army."
Quote by Michael Dickson in Dana's article.  Read the rest here.

Comment: Obama is trying to convince those with terrorism in their genes that politics and Islam should look like the state of Turkey.  What boloney! 

Turkey is as far away from an Islamic state as it is from being a democracy.  Check their prisons for the number of political dissidents and China will look like a liberal democracy.

There are Muslims in Turkey but Turkey is not a Muslim state by any stretch of the imagination and least of all by the standard that would have Muslims stand by their brethren in the region against the Empire and its Zionist lapdog.



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