Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Muslim Bigot

In the four plus years that I have written this blog I have received hundreds of racist and anti-Muslim rants.  Some are aimed at my skin color and others are aimed at my religion.

In this time I have never received a complaint or reprimand from a Muslim about my views on Islam or the way I live my life.

But there is always the exception and I want to share these two incoherent pieces of crap that were posted to the blog today.

Abu Laila Al Afriki has left a new comment on your post "Are You Muslim? !!!"
"are you a muslim? christianity and judaism comes from islam has been around since aadam alayhi salam. the christians and jews are mushriks. they worship jesus and their rabis. it would do you good to study up on milat ibraheem. and see what you truly know about nabi ibraheem. what are you doing amongst drunk kafir and telling everyone anyways, you want to defend islam but you are at parties what a hypocrite."
Abu Laila Al Afriki has left a new comment on your post "South Africa Votes for UN Resolution 1973 ..."
"ya akhi you are a muslim what are you doing. you love the kufaar. you love democracy and freedom. this is all against islam and Allah's sharia. you may write well but you have little understanding. we are muslims. who cares what these kufar have to say. we are not south africans but rather we are a part of the ummah of muhhamad pbuh. we need sharia not democracy which puts man as sovereign instead of Allah. you have pictures and quotes made by kufaar and mushriks. why do you honour those who reject islam."
Yeah you reading this intolerant fool right.  According to him, Islam is against non-Muslims and democracy.  It's in the Sharia he says.  What nonsense!  There is no such rulings anywhere in Islam.

He also takes exception to posting pictures of non-Muslims.  The pictures part is the nonsense that some Muslims believe is anti-Muslim.  And this they get from where?  The prohibition against pictures or images (especially with eyes) is not found anywhere in the Qur'an.

But let me speak directly. 

None of the folks I supposedly "honour" here reject Islam.  Who do you think you dealing with?

I am not one of the teenage sons of the men and their ummah who keep you fed while you spew rubbish and dirty our religion.

The pathology contained in your quotes above is not my Islam.  You won't find me limp shaking my bearded ass in contexts that defile the religion more than celebrate its inclusivity and revolutionary ideals.

Islam does not predate Judaism and Christianity fool.  Read your Qur'an.  Islam is the logical and recognized outgrowth of both those sister religions and it is the last prophet (pbuh) who proclaimed when he was done that "on this day I have perfected your religion for you."

In the Qur'an are more verses that extol the beliefs of Judaism and Christianity and none that make any of your ludicrous statements.

So you would be contesting/questioning the Qur'an when it says that among the believers are the Jews, Christians, Sabians, and those who accept Allah's (God's) supremacy?

Its bigots like you I find more offensive than the white racist sh*t that is flung at me here and elsewhere.

Don't come on here with your holier than thou sh*t and think you profound.  You not.  I have read some of the incoherent crap you post on that other similarly piss-poor blog you claim and if I was you, I'd do some learning and get someone to help you with elemental basics.

Sh*t like how to construct arguments, to capitalize and punctuate sentences, and not appear to just be a dense kook.  Well cause ... you make us all look like idiots.

It's your kind of idiocy that is used to stereotype and oppress us.

I shudder to think what your views on women might be.  You like the Taliban fool.  Islam is not an oppression meted out by uneducated yet over-confident asses like you.

You worry about my level of education.  You read here?  You should.  You might learn something more than just rubbing your fat head against a carpet five times a day and hoping your ass will do enough to make it into heaven.

Islam is an egalitarian revolution.  It is not the hatred you spew against believing humans.

And save your ass from replying here in a tone that thinks you know Islam better than me or that you have power over me.

And use your real name fool.  What you afraid of?  What the f*ck is Afriki?  How delusional and contrived are you really?

This blog has no space for bigots like you or the kind of myopic fanatics that would have lynched the last prophet (pbuh) if he were around calling you on your incoherent rantings.

Allah alone judges fool.  The Qur'an proclaims that "God is most merciful and compassionate" over and over again.

Where is the mercy and compassion in your hatred?  How are you different than the hate mongers who persecute Muslims?

And how dare you question whether I am a Muslim or not?  Who f*cking died and appointed you in charge of determining who is and who is not Muslim?

There are a whole lot of non-Muslims in this world who stand for what is right and give their lives to defend our common humanity.

Among those are the people of the Books of Moses (pbuh) and Jesus (pbuh) and they are our brothers and our sisters and I will die for their right to believe what they will and what they want.

It is the Islamic thing to do.  Our history is replete with Muslim martyrs who defended Jews and Christians.

What are you doing other than spreading intolerant hate?

It is our Qur'an that proclaims that there is no compulsion in religion.  We cannot force anyone - even those among us - to do and see what we think is right.

Only Allah judges.  Read your Qur'an in a language you can understand - save all that pious chanting for your down times.

In my mind and my politics you are an antiquated piece of vile sh*t I will resist with every ounce of my being.

My Islam is not the Islam you have defiled.  So take your bigoted crap elsewhere.  Or send me an email and we can meet and work this sh*t out in person since you are in South Africa.  laher@iname.com



Erica said...

Idiocracy apparently is an inherited trait. It's not worth defending.

I shouldn't have to tell you that it's not your responsibility to defend who or what you are Ridwan.

The ones writing this self-righteous hate towards you obviously don't know their ass from a hole in the wall or just have nothing else better to do.

Maybe not getting laid is a factor. I suggest instead of spending time writing and spewing hate here with pointless jabber, they should try occupying their time with the opposite sex (or same sex....which ever they prefer)

Don't you just love ALL your haters??

Ridwan said...

Hey Erica:

These kind of f*ckers rile me to no end because there are so many of them reducing our religion and its ideals to the sh*t the West uses to denigrate all Muslims.

I am pretty sure it is not a ghost site/commentator just trying to rile me.

That has happened before.

Naaa this fool is real. The same kind of sh*t for brains f*cker that called my parents "kaffir lovers" (nigger lovers) for associating with Sobukwe.

To this day some of the most profound conversations I heard about the Qur'an were led by Sobukwe at our kitchen table when I was growing up.

And Sobukwe was a Christian.

Islam's last prophet (pbuh) married a Coptic Christian woman and she remained so.

When the prophet and his troops fled to Abyssinia (modern Ethiopia) it was Christians who gave them refuge and in so doing saved Islam.

Those same folks allowed these refugees to practice Islam and pray in their churches.

This fool's intolerant sh*t is wrong and it must be resisted anywhere and everywhere.

His version of hate is not the religion of peace my mother taught me and and it is not the Islam of the Qur'an.

But I hear you boo. I know you have cautioned me about these kinds of posts in the past.

But you know me well. I will talk for a long time before I put my foot where the sun ....

You know.

Much luv,

Nolwazi said...

Eish sani, this is painful stuff.

Shu! I know I shouldn't be but I'm actually quite hurt by this. Feels like a warm (afrikaans pronunciation) klaap across my pretty black cheek.

So I'm guessing this version of Oom Eugene would slit his wrists...(right after slashing my neck, of course...coz you know this nigga has his priorities straight n e'rythang)if I told him that some of the most Zulu sangomas were called by their ancestors to lead their lives according to the teachings of Islam. It's a very complex world we live in.

Discriminating against other people just shows an arrogance that spits in Nature's Face.

Afriki dude, you're words are hurtful nigga. Please jo, don't be going around Zululand saying stuff like that. Zulus will kill you.

We (Zulus) have an unbreakable bond with Islam, we respect that bond, it's our instruction and gift from our ancetors.

Seriously, you will get shot in Zululand. Don't know about any other place in South Africa but in KWAZULU NATAL, NIGGA, YOU'LL GET SHOT FOR REAL.

Ridwan said...

Hey Nolwazi:

I spent a few minutes looking at the blogs claimed by this fool and it reads like a comic book.

He praises Osama and quotes passages of hadith that are as obscure and irrelevant as his ass is out of order.

I want to say that there is doubt in my head about the bona fides of this fool and the assortment of sh*t that is attached to his name.

There are a lot of delusional Muslims in SA but most are trying to nag themselves into heaven.

This b*tch has an agenda and it may be one I have misjudged.

But let see if his b*tch ass is brave enough to come back or better send me an email with where we can meet and settle this sh*t.

I'm serious. White racists don't rile me near as much as those who denigrate my religion and those of the people whom I love.

Christians and Jews and Hindus and Buddhists and agnostics are not enemies to me.

F*ckers like this (if he/they are real) are.

And that for me is Jihad. To remove Islam from the dumb hands of bigots like this.

But, I am feeling there is another story here ... dunno my pretty sista but my black ass is doubtful just a bit.

But let it play out.

And yeah if it is real he should maybe stick to selling sh*t in his daddy's shop and not tell anyone what he thinks about non-Muslims.

If they won't put a cap in his ass I gladly will.


Ps. Is my blog really banned at Village Hell University?

Cool ;0)

Tasleem said...

Assalamualaikum Ridi,

Boeta Ridi I never comment but feel I must today.

I feel your anger Ridi. Who talks like this and calls themselves a Muslim? The Koran teaches us tolerate each other.

In another verse it says "I created you different so that you may know each other and get along."

This is our deen Ridi. But you know Im peaceful but let me tell you I will join you in kicking his arse.

But I also tell you this is not South Africans. We dont sound so.

Can I phone you tonight?


Ridwan said...

SLM Tas:

Your comment came through just as I opened my mail.

Hoe gaan dit Boeta Tas?

Thanks for commenting I know you read me close. I appreciate you standing up cause you know we must.

This gat probably is not South African. I feel that vibe too.

But who knows he may be one of those lonely f*cks who watches too much Al Jazeera and needs to typify the Muslim stereotypes.

Like I said to Nolwazi above I'm starting to have my doubts here.

This sh*t feels very phony boet.

But, if it is as it appears then it is on. I got some pent up frustration I needs to vent :0)

Please do call Tas and give my salaams to the wife.

Is it snowing in Cape Town? They were calling for snow in Joburg today!

Now you know why this Afriki sh*t is so freaky ... it is weird times we living in my brutha.

"But still we rise!"


The Brotha's Corner said...

ASA! Dear Brotha

The argument was over when you made the statement "It is our Qur'an that proclaims that there is no compulsion in religion. We cannot force anyone - even those among us - to do and see what we think is right.

Only Allah judges...." Nuff said my brotha, well put! We need not waste our precious time and drop jewels of wisdom on FOOLS!!!

Ridwan said...

WSLM Brother D.

Thank you for saying that brutha.

I know you see right through these fools and hear you on not wasting time.

It must be a very desperate being to wallow in such hate.

The Great Spirit, whatever name you may use, is so much more than that.

We are to live in peace and know each other. It is so written and it has been the way of the elders for more years than these fools can count.

I trust your plans and projects are all in place.

Will holla your way and catch up soon.

Peace lil' big brutha D.



The Brotha's Corner said...

Yes, Sir you are absolutely correct dear big brotha!!! Things are moving along fine and I have a few irons in the fire. To be honest my dilemma over the years with going for my MDiv. was how would it incorporate my love, respect, & belief in Islam, I tried to run from my connection but it appears I can't escape it any longer especially knowing strong Muslim brothas and sisters like yourself and then growing up in the Chi around "The Nation," after much contemplation I believe The Creator has shown me how to stay true to my heart w/o compromising. Furthermore, I am going to combine the MDiv. piece w/ a MSW piece! Especially, since I have a passion and gift for working w/ the people!

With deference

Bro. Dubie

BTW: I should've listened to you years ago when you told me to go forward in the world of academia but thanks for planting the seed! :-)

Ridwan said...

My brutha I am proud of you. Have always been from the early days of 1997.

You have accomplished so much.

Way more than most folks I have had the pleasure of meeting in the classroom.

And I am blessed to have you as a friend this many years later.

It is never to late Bro Dubie to follow that dream into academia.


You would bring so much to the higher education classroom just like you do as a coach.

Its the same ballgame chief. They respect you if you are committed and learn through engagement.

I will never forget how you brought The Nation into my racism class. That was amazing!

And our Friday TV show, "Brothas and Sisters can we talk" ... that was tight and you lead the way.

I followed.

I know I am not the only one who beams with pride when your name comes up bra.

I pray for your continued happiness and health.

Keep pushing and it will all be known. It is meant to be so even after dark days of struggle and setbacks.

You are the inspiration and anyone, any institution, should be grateful to have you on board.

Onward! and much luv Dubie,

Nolwazi said...

Ya, your website is inaccessible on campus. Off campus I don't have a problem but...well..ya..house niggas aint tryna televise the revolution (led by Ridwan)...

Are you surprised? Well, I aint. I'd block yo black ass from my plantation too if you left your foot up mine as you did them (house niggas en hulle klein baas met PhD in welding and bricklaying).


Oh, and I just read today's post about the Revolution. Eintlek wat se jy in daai last paragraph. Ek verstaan nie. Uthini?

Ridwan said...

My sista I am honored to have my blog banned on that nigga plantation with its white overseers (kleinbaas).

You know I did not tell you that after that marathon call we had one night and you were going on about "how kleninbaas did not mean to shoot us" - the excuses made by black folk who love kleinbaas still - I laughed so hard when I got up I was literally ill.

Yo' dude me eyes were bloodshot like a brutha been smokin' reefer all night.

And I could not stop laughing even when I got to work and saw kleinbaas I about fell out on my ass.

That sh*t is soooo funny and you are a riot even when you trying to be serious.

You should know that the Professor Decrepit called from his classroom and ordered me to send copies of my recent Egypt article to his students.

What the f*ck hey? Do those folks know how to use the library and do a journal search?

They ban my blog and I am their external examiner for just about everything!

Yo' kleinbaas lives hey?

Ok, so you know I have to front my skills every now and then so hell I wrote in Spanish - nigga talented like that and all :0)

Here is what those paragraphs mean:

"Long live the Cuban Revolution. May this day remind us all how important it is to tie a love of revolution and struggle to emancipation!

The struggle continues, even when times seem more difficult than ever. The revolution is inevitable, as Fidel said, history will absolve the revolutionaries.

Onward! to the liberation of all oppressed peoples."

"PS: Love is a universal human condition and without love revolutions are doomed to failure. And yes I know there is more than one kind of love. Whatever its form, it conquers all. Especially the fear of being loved."

And the PS part is telegraphed of course. It usually is on me blog :0)

Be well and let me know if kleinbaas is f*cking with ya :)

You are too funny ... hilarious and hell you should be raking in bucks just deconstructing the sh*t we have to put up with now.

Onward! and much luv,

When you gonna visit me and the momster? After Ramadan?

Ridwan said...

Abu Laila Al Afriki you call my name in peace and I appreciate that and as a Muslim extend my salaams in return.

I have read your three comments but see no reason to post them here.

It only extends the hatred you offered initially and you are still wrong.

The points I made above are clear. They are drawn from the Qur'an and you have chosen to attack, again, the beliefs of people the Qur'an accepts as believers.

There is no mention of democracy in the Qur'an but the sharia itself and the traditions of the prophet were democratic (note how the Caliphate was elected).

Democracy you must know predates the West.

You should refrain in trying to patronize me.

And stop hating and stop judging.

Only Allah judges. You are out of line now but you show respect this time and that is why I am writing to you.

Previously you questioned me on my Islam.

A learned Muslim does not call another into question.

You asked me if I was Muslim. And, in your comments tonight you insinuate that I have fallen from the path and it is your duty to help me.

You are sorely mistaken and way out of your depth here.

You need to check yourself.

Also, the next time you want to engage a fellow Muslim do so with respect and not that 'I know better than you attitude' you still got going on.

If you do you will not have folks cussing your ass out.

It is so with respect, show it and it will be returned.



Ps. And use your real name - don't hide your identity because you so sound like a Zionist agent sowing hate among Muslims.

Abu Laila Al Afriki said...

I have quoted the Quran and ahadith. I have quoted the word of Allah and you do not believe in it. Allah say's in His Quran, In Allaha aduw lil kafireen, indeed Allah is an enemy to the disbelievers. How can you reject such a clear aya from the Quran. Indeed the Quran does not talk about democracy. The Quran does not talk about many things, but the scholars through ijtihad and qiyas (analogy) draw a ruling from the evidences according to the new reality (fiqh al waqi). This why we have different madhabs and something called usul al fiqh. please brother study al walaa wal baraa and milat ibraheem. My intention is not to prove that I am correct but to please my Lord.

In fact the khalif was first past on by abu bakr to umr and then from there on the khalif was elected by a group of 5 people who were themselves candidates for the position. Democracy also means puting legislation into the hands of the people, when Allah alone has the right to legislate for mankind, as Allah says, indeed legislation is but for Allah.

Allah is the judge and He is the legislator. We have no right or ability to judge someones heart, but we can judge their actions, it is a necessity. Please try to read up on nawaqid al imaan. Emaan/faith is in the heart, on the tongue and on the limbs. It can be negated by the actions, an example of this is prostrating to an idol or ruling by other than sharia. If a rules by other than sharia then the ulama establish the huja (the show him his fault and explain the islamic ruling) if he continues then he is declared as a murtad/apostate and is removed by force. In islamic law the one who does not salah is a kafir. the four imams believe that if someone refuses to salah then he is a kafir. They however believe being lazy does not make one a kafir but imam ahmad hambal of the hambali madhab says that it does. the ruling after that is the capital punishment. so yes my brother, we can judge but there are restrictions.

my brother I understand that you hold these views of yours and it would be difficult for you to change but if the evidences have been conveyed to you clearly then you should change for the sake of Allah. indeed this life is not for anything but to worship Him.

Allah is al hakim, the legislator. If we vote in democracy it is to elect someone to legislate in our name. How as muslims can we support this when those who legislate, legislate against the sharia of Allah. It is also allying with the disbelievers. Allah says whoever allies with the disbelievers then they are one of them. please my brother, take the time to have a look at the topic. The only scholars that allow voting are those who say that if we do not then we will be harmed. in normal circumstances it would not be allowed, however i do not believe it would be allowed unless we were in danger of losing our lives. the concept is called haaf al dararayn.

May Allah guide us to what pleases Him

I use abu laila (father of laila) which is a common practice among arabs. the prophet was called abul qassim and ali ibn abi talib was called abu turab. al afriki is arabic for, the african.

Assalaam alaykum wa rahmatAllahi wa barakatuhu


ps. please send me a message if you ever decide to study some of the islamic topics i have brought up and let me know what you think.

your brother


Ridwan said...

WSLM Mikaeel:

I am floored that you would think that I reject the words of the Qur'an.

You are misreading this blog and you are misreading me.

Still I take strong exception to your tired insistence that you can judge me or anyone else.

You are wrong and the Qur'an vests judgement in Allah alone.

You would do well to heed your own words and watch how you have taken on a mantle of superiority to talk down to folks here and assume you can teach us anything.

In South Africa we have a Muslim Marriage Bill that come into being through democracy.

It is Sharia compliant and overseen by Muslim judges and adjudicated in the courts of a country that is not Muslim in majority.

Your rants against democracy is misplaced and somewhat naive since it is more complex that putting the power in the hands of people.

Sharia compliant voting on issues that effect Muslims is not an affront to Islam.

Much of the same system exists elsewhere and Muslims are expected to live and be Muslims even in non-Muslim states (and that is the most of the world).

The last prophet (pbuh) directed Muslims not to offend non-Muslims with loud calls to prayers. This explains the silent nature or prayer at midday and late afternoon.

What is problematic with your mindset is your interpretation.

You literally believe that you know better than anyone and since you do it must mean that anyone else is a disbeliever.

If you want an engagement here you need to set aside your superiority complex and engage a fellow Muslim and other Muslims as well as non-Muslims.

Everyone is accorded respect because no-one is pushed to believe (there is no compulsion in religion).

There is also no need to provide any instances of who does and who does not pray. You are wasting your time making assumptions.

The Qur'an is clear. The people of the book and the Sabians are believers and anyone else who accepts Allah and the day of judgement.

Inside of that ruling there are many people who are not Muslim and no amount of hadeeth or argument from you will change one letter in Allah's word.

Be compassionate and merciful because the Qur'an demands us to be.

Judge not who is and who is not a believer, you are not God.

That said, this blog is not about religion but it respects religion.

I am a political theorist and my interest here is to protest against the inhumanity of oppression be they against people of color, women, Muslims, or any other people.

I am not inclined to discuss religion with you, in particular, since you on an evangelistic mission which is misplaced.

I know my kalima. I know my Qur'an.

Your insinuation that I am not the right kind of Muslim is just insulting.

As I read it, you the one who needs to learn a whole lot before you start teaching anyone.

A good place will be by opening your mind that Allah created us complexly and different so that we may know each other, not despise each other.

Nonetheless, peace be with you.