Sunday, August 21, 2011

"The Indigenous people of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean say NO to a giant statue of Columbus!"

    We, The Indigenous People of the Caribbean and citizens of our homeland of Boriken, AKA Puerto Rico say NO! To having a giant statue of Columbus being placed anywhere in the Caribbean.
    1) Columbus did not "Discover" anything. The Taino people were in Boriken long before they discovered Columbus wandering lost in the ocean.
    2) Columbus instituted a plague of genocide nearly wiping out the indigenous population within the first 50yrs of colonization but we are still here.

    3) Columbus was the first to institute slave trade in the "New World".

    4) Columbus brought disease, murder, rape, and countless other atrocities to the peaceful indigenous populations of the Caribbean.

    5) We do not condone the honoring of Rapist, Murderers, Pedophiles and Thieves.

    6) This statue is an affront and reminder to the indigenous populations of the Caribbean of the brutal colonial atrocities and oppression committed by the hands of Columbus and his sailors.

    7)Placing the statue on this uninhabited island for tourism is not in the best interest of Puerto Rico. It is 21 km from the west coast of the main island of Puerto Rico and it is closed to the public due to the presence of unexploded military ordnance since it was a military bombing range, like Vieques.

    8) Would the Nation of Israel allow a statue of Hitler in Jerusalem? The only difference here is the name of the victims and that of the Tyrant whose hands paved the way for Genocide and an Indigenous Holocaust of the Americas.

    See "Giant Columbus Statue ‘Discovers’ Puerto Rican Island".


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