Sunday, August 07, 2011

My Gussy-Up

Since my almost front end run in with a driver on a cellphone three weeks ago I have been thinking about getting a new car.

A lot of that thinking has to do with a question moms asked when I complained that my dress-down Gandhi lifestyle was gonna lead to the end of me.

Moms asked:"What kind of car would you buy if you allowed yourself to have a nice car?"

It is a tough question in South Africa where so much of your identity and worth is wrapped up in the kind of wheels you roll.

I guess it is the same elsewhere but I must say that the pressure to drive a flashy car seems more pressing in South Africa.

Pressure aside though, if I was to buy something I want then it would have to speak to my passion for difference.

So, I have decided on a car I would not drive in the US but will gladly roll its wheels here in the land of Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Audi.

This is it and yes it would have to be the version with a fire breathing V8 motor.

2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302

All this for just around $40 000 (a lot less than a Golf GTI in SA ).
Or I could just break down and get a convertible and move to the Florida Keys like I planned in early 2008 but then changed my mind and went to live and work in Mafikeng instead!!

Sweet ride huh?
But being a Gemini and changing my mind on the fly most days I could also live with a Chevy Camaro, again.

I learned to drive in a 1979 Chevy Camaro V8.  This is a 2011 Camaro.
You should know that none of these cars are readily available in South Africa.  So, it fits well with my usual deny-yourself cool stuff I have been working on since 2005.

I will most likely just stay stuck on my paid-for VW Citi Golf I bought new in 2005.  If you in the US and scratching your head thinking about the last time you saw a VW Rabbit you obviously have not been to South Africa where these cars were built new right up to 2010! 

I took this picture in December 2005 somewhere in the Karoo.
Truth is I love this car in part because it is so ordinary and plain. But man I so want a Ford Mustang for Eid!

Brutally beautiful huh?

Ps: I also have a huge craving for a 16" Brooklyn style vegetarian pizza from Dominos.  Oh and a tub or two of Ben and Jerry's Dublin Mudslide.  For real ;0)

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Erica said...

YES!!! I love Mustangs!

My dream car (besides the PT Cruiser) is a 1969 candy apple red mustang convertible with a white top.

Good choice Ridi.

Now I'm off to Dominos...........

Ridwan said...

Ummm baby ... just call Dominos they deliver in under 30 minutes.

And check the Sunday papers for double coupons (buy on get nine free) ... hey I was a graduate student for a long time and know how to roll :0)

I trust you are having a peaceful Sunday.

Peace and luv,

Ps: Make sure you have enough Tabasco too ... oh and Mountain Dew and Coke Zero!

Erica said...

Here in the south, if it's not a bottle of Texas Pete Hot's not hot sauce.

And of course I have a Mountain Dew cooling in the freezer...

You know me too well.

Have a blessed evening love.

Ridwan said...

I luv me some Texas Pete! Oh and of course it can't be pizza without a ton of jalapeños on the side.

Please join me for some Ben and Jerry's too.

Peace Erica.