Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Second Volume of Obama Memoirs Stuns the World

Michael K. Smith
Dissident Voice
August 29th, 2011

I can't wait to pick up a copy of Obama: Part-Dos.  Of course I could just assemble all my post that say: "Told you so" but who really takes what I say seriously?

No really, who?

Smith describes what we can expect in Part-Dos adding to the anticipation.  He writes:
"Marking a bold departure from conventional campaign tactics, Barack Obama has released a searingly honest memoir on the eve of his presidential re-election drive. The profoundly moving, frequently lyrical narrative relates the extraordinary story of a gifted African American overcoming seemingly insurmountable racial obstacles to reach the White House, where, in an act of sheer genius, he gives away trillions of dollars to oppressed Wall Street firms while demolishing half a dozen countries abroad in the course of picking up a Nobel Peace prize. Dramatic and fast-paced, the action leaves the reader not only breathless, but penniless.In spite of this unprecedentedly spectacular record, the author is reluctantly forced to accept that he has disappointed many who believed in his calls for “hope” and “change” in 2008."
A sneak preview of the chapter headings has me scraping $599 for the book together even as I write.  It is a veritable bargain even here in the land of monochrome rainbows and political dumb asses.  Take a gander at these mouthwatering headings from our sweet smelling messiah, President BO:
Chapter One: The Virtue of Moral Collapse: Does a Castrated Man Really Need a Spine?

Chapter Two: Healthy Profits, Sick Patients: So What’s the Problem?

Chapter Three: Affirmative Action For Dummies: Why a Black President Had to Lead the Rape of Libya

Chapter Four: Jewish Apartheid in the Promised Land: Dr. King’s Dream Fulfilled

Chapter Five: Don’t Worry, Be Happy: How Killing With Pilotless Drones Insures a Great Future

Chapter Six: Protecting Against Terrorism: Why I Need To Assassinate Americans For Their Own Good
Predatory Books, the publisher, will have to make sure they publish a grip of copies since demand will be very high.  I hope they include ten pages of glossy pictures of Obama clutching his Nobel Peace Prize!

Those pictures alone are enough for me to buy a second copy even if moms and I have to skimp on celebrating Eid tomorrow and cutting down on essentials like our sanity for the rest of the year.

If you have an extra $599 (about R4200) you should buy an extra copy and give it to a liberal friend (preferably white) if you can.

It will be such a wonderful gesture don't you think?  We really need not turn our backs on those whom we have been designed by history to serve forever.

OK, I have to run to the mall and see if Exclusive Books knows when Part-Dos will hit the stands.

I am so happy I can't stand it.  If there was a rich white American close to me I would hug him/her with love, honest Injun.  Maybe there will be one at the mall - I really hope so.


Ps: I wish he had written a chapter on "how I beat my blackness and even fooled a few blacks and a whole grip of YTs and almost the whole ANC and just about every African leader and their mamma for almost four years" ...

That chapter there is a whole book on its own would you not say?

I really hope some of my 'radical left' friends and colleagues who voted Obama into office are patting themselves on their backs right about now.

He could not have done it without your hopeful support.

You go.

No really, go.


Kweli said...

The radical Left is out of good ideas. We (ahem) are retreating from the onslaught of the Right. Granted I'm not an American and therefore I didn't vote (I wouldn't even if I were), I see your point.

Man, those chapter titles! Enuff said.

Ridwan said...

And I think they been out of good ideas for many years before BO.

I left before the vote and have not been back since ... and my taxes now go to the idiots in Pretoria.

You should see the circus here now that the ANC has turned on itself.

The youth league burning the president in effigy.

ANC supporters rioting in the streets against their own party.


Peace brother Kweli. I'd say come over for Eid lunch at number 11 but you in the belly of the empire.

But in case you can ... there's a place at the table for you at number 11.


Kweli said...

Thanks, Ridwan. Happy Eid Mubarak (or do they say Eid Kareem?).

I heard about Malema drama on BBC when I couldn't sleep at two in the morning.

Ridwan said...

Thanks my brother. It is both. Mubarak and Kareem.

Hey a little joke for you:

This is the first Eid in Egypt that is without Mubarak!


Peace chief,

Kweli said...

Eid without Mubarak. Ok, that's the best way to start this morning.