Friday, September 23, 2011

Funky Friday

When this series of posts started out a few years ago it was dedicated to the life of Funk.  But I have adapted it as I feel and not always for the purpose of pure Funk.

Sorry Bootsy.

Hey I grew to maturity in the 80s and you know it never rains in southern California right?  Gotta love the New Jack Swing too, right?


Ummmmm New Jack Swing is more than Al B. Sure! and Bobby Brown
OK :0)


AnyHowze, this Chaka and Rufus cut has nine lives and it is as fresh and funky today as it was when Rufus was still around.

The version below is from the movie "Breakin" - remember that from 1984?  Bet some of you still be Popping at parties like Ana 'Lollipop' Sánchez did in the movie, right?

Oh yeah, did I tell you I sat a couple of rows behind Chaka Kahn on an overnite trip from Atlanta to Joburg a few years ago?

True story.  And yeah her hair is big like that even after 17 hours on an airplane.

Jumma Mubarak!

"... I make my wish upon a star
and hope this night will last forever ..."



Erica said...

Breakin is one of the 80's most iconic me anyway. I remember my brother and his friends tearing old card board boxes to break dance on.

Of course I had my own HUGE belt buckle with my name on it,Pumas(you had to have Pumas with the fat shoe strings.

Oh man, Salt & Peppa?

After watching that movie for the first time at 11 years old....I know I walked around the wanting to be Special K!!!!

Not to mention the huge crush I had on Michael Chambers.....

The best times!!!

Ridwan said...

You put a big ol smile on my grill with your comment.

I got the Pumas over-sized tees but was definitely rocking suede Adidas with fat shoelaces.

What did you ever do with your dookie chain?

And your huge hoops?

Yeah it was a nice time for sure.

Peace Erica,

Erica said...

Where else would they be? Morgan of course! She has most of my stuff I saved from the 80's.

She even has my old 45's of Madonna's Material Girl and Whitney Houston's Greatest Love of All.

Did you hear R.E.M has called it quits? This is truly the day music died.

Don Mclean's American Pie says it all!

Ridwan said...

I heard about REM yesterday and thought you must be "losing your religion".

Sorry. I know REM is one of your favorite bands.

Never did like Whitney's version of the George Benson classic the "Greatest Love of All".

Probably because I connected the song to Ali's movie "The Greatest".

Well truthfully, I never liked that skinny heffa much :0)

And the same for her Aunty Dionne Warwick ;0)

Have a great weekend Erica.

And, "let the music play" ...