Saturday, September 24, 2011

Still Smokin

There is nothing like watching a three day marathon of the Three Stooges or Abbott and Costello or What's Happening or Barney Miller (don't you just love the theme song!).

There is a cable channel in the US that regularly carries these kinds of life interrupting delights but I forget the name.

I so miss vegging out all weekend with boxes of Domino's pizza and carryout Chinese from Canyon Pearl (my favorite eatery in Portland) just watching re-runs (excess being the American way) with my answering machine on.

OK so this stroll is just to say that I happened on a re-run of Married with Children that have evoked these memories from a time when ... well you know.

AnyHowze, I am still cracking up at a line hours after it was redelivered to my living room in the dust bowl by the hole.

The scene has Kelly Bundy fretting over a boyfriend who was cheating on her.  She then turns to her father, Al Bundy, for advice and it goes a little like this:
Kelly: "Dad what is it that makes men cheat on women?"  

Al: "Women."
Profound.  I feel privileged to have spent 11 years watching Al dispense his wisdom on marriage, love, and life. 

Sometimes when sh*t just keeps going wrong I remember another line that helps me feel 'better'.  It was delivered by Steve (married to Marcy) as he walks through the door of the Bundy house and it goes a little like this:
Steve: "Hey Al do you know there is a dark rain cloud that follows you around even when you are in your car?"

Al: "Yes I know.  I'm the owner of this stinking life Steve."
Sheer genius.

Hey that dog ain't Buck!

Ummmm no I'm not feeling sorry for myself.  Well maybe just a little.  It is Saturday night, the night after Friday night and I am again doing ... well you know.

I'm going outside right now to see if there is a dark rain cloud hovering over my ass too :0)

Did you know that Cheech Marin of Cheech and Chong stoner fame did the voice for Buck?  Bet you feel so much better now that you do.


Ps. Ummm ... why do I feel like Rerun Ridi?  What's Happening Now!!

Hey Hey Hey

Married Picture Credit (see this blog)
Cheech and Chong Picture Credit 
Rerun Picture Credit (Dunno)


Anonymous said...

hey ridwan i remember going to see "up in smoke" with you at the dollar plex. i remember you said it was like the 10th time you saw the movie. nice memory and hands by the way :0)


Anonymous said...

oh and you single and at home on a saturday night not because of Al Bundy. your choice. thought i'd remind you just in case you forgot ;0)


Ridwan said...

Lauren I remember the dollar plex!

Yeah nice memory.

Peace and luv,

Ps. Did I mention I was home Friday night too? ;)