Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This Constant Mind Rape

Linh Dihn
Dissident Voice
September 19, 2011.
"... though it has been proven in court that the US government was behind the killing of Martin Luther King, he now has a huge statue on the National Mall, the very Mall where he organized Resurrection City, a poor people’s protest which hastened his assassination. With typical cynicism, our government is celebrating and appropriating a man it exterminated in cold blood.

Likewise, 9/11. It was nauseating for me to watch the ten-year commemoration of that tragedy without any airtime given to those who desperately wanted to probe deeper into exactly what happened. The many architects, engineers, pilots, first responders and relatives of victims who doubted the official version of 9/11 were shunted aside so a self-justifying and congratulatory narrative from this criminal government could proceed without interruptions. This was the moment for sinister butchers like Bush and Obama to appear caring and statesmanlike, as father figures consoling us in our moment of grief, when they are, in fact, the authors of so much past and ongoing grief.

The truths about many key events in this nation’s history, Pearl Harbor attack, Gulf of Tonkin Incident, Martin Luther King’s, John’s and Bobby Kennedy’s assassinations, etc., have never fully come out, or only came out decades after the fact, so Americans should have learnt to suspect, by now, routine duplicity from Washington, yet many of us continue to believe. Such is the power of brainwashing. As they kill and lie in our names, we keep nodding and nodding.

We are not expected to ask questions, but merely to swallow whole the spoon-fed kitsch and bullshit. Recently, Americans were shown a photo of a dog that refused to leave the coffin of his master, a dead SEAL member, one of those “heroes” who supposedly killed Bin Laden. Though there was no physical proof whatsoever, no corpse, film or photo, we were told that a successful raid had occurred, and though an American helicopter tail was left behind, no American had died, incredibly, then we were told, three months later, that 22 of the SEALs involved, i.e., potential witnesses who could contradict the official narrative, were conveniently killed in an unprecedented attack by the Taliban.

These fairy tales are so bizarre but, before you can pause to parse one, if you’re so inclined, and most of us are no longer inclined or capable, another one comes down the chute, then another, then another. When one commits as many killings, lootings and rapes as this government does, one must lie constantly."
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Comment: If the US was forced to accept the truth about the genocide and continued violence that characterizes its essence it would implode into non-existence.

The official myth of the US needs lying as much as you and I need air.  Without lying the myth of America would be nothing more than a lie.

I am not alone among the many out there who can't sit through another bumptious speech by Obama or Hillary Clinton who looks more and more like Ms Piggy from Sesame Street.

I started thinking about my growing repulsion last week at a conference when an American academic decided to wow the crowd by speaking a few lines of a local African language before he delivered his paper.

The man sitting next to me turned knowingly and laughed saying: "You Americans".

The man knows me well and was being sarcastic by showing his version of the repulsion that non-Americans feel under the arrogant weight of the crumbling empire.

Now there is obviously nothing wrong with what that academic may have intended.  What is wrong is that his intention cannot just be assumed to be separate from the empire that seeks to contain and dominate everything.

This repulsion may seem to inconsequential in a world dominated by sound and picture bytes that make American values and life the ultimate "commonsense".

I see it different though.  If you pay close attention you will see more and more folks withdrawing their consent to be contained and dominated by Americanisms.

This is more than just a small revolt now.  It is a growing revolution in its full complexity.


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