Saturday, October 08, 2011

Old is New

This is the Ace-904S Triumph Thruxton Café Racer.  A thoroughly new rendition of an old skool bike.  Only 15 of these bikes will be built by Ace Café.

If you thinking you have a little extra change you can break off then get ready for a little sticker shock.  The news report says it will sell for about seventeen thousand pounds (about R195 000 without VAT).

Beautiful huh?


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Erica said...


Ridwan said...

Muchas gracias Erica.


Tony said...

I must be getting old. That looks fantastic.
Your in retro

Ridwan said...

Naaa boet you maturing in taste :0)

I have been doing old skool for a while now ... even found myself staring at a Bonneville the other day ;0)

It was painful watching Aus donner the Bokke today ... :0)

Peace Tony,

Tony said...

Aus was a bit lucky to win. Unfortunately I have to admit that the Boks deserved to win that one.

They should give that Triumph a bit more power (they didn;t have to go retro on the horses), then it would really be an interesting proposition.

Ridwan said...

Boet it is like a funeral here in the old country.

Well the coloured folks I bumped into are happier because many of them support the All Blacks anyway.

But even a few of them were sad that the bokke lost to the Wallabies.

I hear you on the ponies - it is perhaps a bike for the rich to ride from coffee shop to coffee shop like most Harleys I expect.

Have a great week boet.