Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Heavy D Dead at Just 44

Dwight Arrington Myers, the rapper known as Heavy D has died at the too young age of 44.

Regular readers here know the brother was a frequent feature on my Funky Friday posts.

Heavy was a legend and he defined the not-too-heavy rap style that favored positive messages combined with the New Jack Swing and reggae vibe over the tired and contrived thug/gangsta variety.

The self-proclaimed "overweight" lover, who was born in Jamaica, is said to have collapsed outside his Beverly Hills condo yesterday (Tuesday).  He was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles where he died.

The exact cause of death is unknown but foul play is not suspected.

I will miss Big Hev and his rhymes.  I remember him rapping lyrically on In Living Color and MadTV.

In the 80s Heavy D and the Boyz were a staple at house parties and clubs.  Do you remember jamming to the albums Living Large and Big Tyme?

We Got Our Own Thang
Last Friday night I was cruising through the streets of my hometown after attending a public lecture listening to Heavy and Brandy's remake of Michael Jackson's "Rock With You".

I remember thinking that Heavy made the cut feel new but still very familiar.  I like his call-out to producer Quincy Jones on the cut - it just seems so effortless and unplanned.

His music and presence over a very short career had the effect of positive recall.  You always felt like he was a neighborhood bra - one of your Boyz - who rapped like you remembered.

You probably also remember that he had somewhat of a successful acting career.  I remember seeing him on a couple episodes of Law and Order and Tyler Perry's House of Payne.

And he was a talented actor too.  See him in The Cider House Rules to check out what I mean.  His most recent acting gig is in Tower Heist which is just hitting cinemas about now (well in the US).

It is unlikely that any of the music stores in my dustbin will have copies of his CD Love Opus which was released two months ago, I am on the lookout for it though.

Life is too short boet and often cruelly so.  We need to take stock and pay respects before it is too late.

May Heavy D rest in peace until that day.

In his memory this is one of my most favorite Heavy cuts, Dancin' in the Night:

Do you ever feel like, gettin high?
Do you ever feel like, leavin this world?
Do you ever feel like, you ball by yourself?
Do you ever feel unnecessary?

Don't call me crazy but sometimes I feel like gettin up
and dancin in the middle of the night
I need a way to release myself
from all the pain and the pressures in life
Considered drinkin, but then I started thinkin
I'd probably drown away my life

Gotta do somethin, too many people frontin
You see I need a way to get by
That's why I get high from dancing in the middle of the night.

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More Heavy cuts here


Erica said...

Wow! Didn't hear about his passing until last night. I'm still floored.

He was definitely one of the greatest rappers in hip hop and will always be.


Anonymous said...

so sad to read this. i listened to his music all through college. everybody did.