Monday, November 21, 2011

Kenya Bombs Somalia Islamist Camp

November 21, 2011.

Nairobi - The Kenyan military said on Sunday that its jets, supported by fire from warships off the coast, had destroyed a training camp for Islamist militants in Somalia.

Kenyan troops entered Somalia six weeks ago vowing to wipe out the al-Shabaab rebels, who it accuses of a series of kidnappings and attacks on tourists on Kenyan soil.

"Today, 20 November at around 12:00 hours, [Kenyan Defence Forces jets] supported by naval fire, destroyed an al-Shabaab/al-Qaeda key training facility in Hola Wajeer/Lacta area in Badade district, Lower Juba," a military statement said.

"This infrastructure accommodates foreign fighters, most of them trainers of the al-Shabaab fighters."

Comment: Wow!  That easy huh?  A very visible training center where the 'bad guys' train and then go out and capture tourists for money - who knew huh?

All this f*cking time I was thinking Al-Shabaab and Al-Qaeda were more devious than that.  I mean they so foolish to just open a "training facility" that is so easy to bomb from the air and sea.

Those freedom loving Kenyans should be applauded for escalating the fight against evil and bad guys.

Kenya deserves at least a couple of drones for their effort to remove those dirty Islamists from the human gene pool (are you listening Killary Clinton?).

Oh and don't forget the very eager Ethiopians who are joining in to kill all the bad guys by invading Somalia too (and you were worrying that they would be too busy killing off indigenous Omo peoples to join in on the fight against terror).

And it really warms my heart that both the Kenyans and Ethiopians want American and Israeli help to f*ck up those idiotic terrorists that make going on safari so dangerous.

That will learn the Islamists not to f*ck with freedom loving anglicized Africans (Fanon was obviously so wrong about the ass-kissing colonial mind). 

I feel so proud of our east African siblings (now the good guys) and the role they are playing to pave the region for an increased AFRICOM presence.

Wow again!  First they gave us half of the pliant genetics that brought Tom to the crack house and now this.

It can't get any better.  Right?

And we are not free.



Kweli said...

Something funny is happening. KDF (God, I hate this acronym!) came out to say they destroyed a Shabaab camp and they were supported by naval fire from the Indian Ocean.

BUT did this after several news reports came out initially (including in the Huff post) that an alleged meeting of Shabaab leaders at this camp was bombed by either a French or American ship on the Coast. To make matters worse, both the Americans and French denied the bombing.

And that's when KDF came out and said they bombed, but they got help from some ship at the Coast. Get this: the French and Americans are still singing that Shaggy song -- "it wasn't me".

The clusterfuck continues.

(Just so you know, when I filled out the comment verification word for this comment, the word produced by blogspot was "evilin". How appropriate, no?)

Ridwan said...

Clustefuck it be for sure. And I guess the Kenyan government could care less who did the bombing as long as they on the 'right' side.

I wonder what the west is giving them?

I wonder what they gave the South Africans to support the regime change in Libya?

"Evilin" is about the closest description hey.

A willing recolonization!

Evilin it be.

Peace Kweli,