Sunday, November 27, 2011

Favorites and Sunday Soul

I'm gonna leave these up for those of you who have no need to stress about bandwidth and then it is coming down so it can be a seriaz thinkaz blog again.

OK I know the blog's been a little erratic of late but hey did I tell you about my writing schedule?

The cuts below are just in case you feeling like a little old skool cause yo' heart be broken, or better yet, cause you getting ready to do some serious f*ckin' before the weekend is over.

I truly hope it is the latter.  And if it is please don't call to tell me about it.  I live in Kimberley (again) where the Big Hole is actually a really big hole in the ground and life just chokes your chicken till it's dust.

Why you think the place is so dusty?

Freudian slip?  Paradoxical?  Are you impressed by the level of subtlety here? :0)

Did I tell you I lost my virginity in Kimberley?  True story.  A longggggggggg time ago, OK.  For real!  Geez.

Oh I should probably mention I found it the other day.  It was hidden under my bed with all the rubbers I been saving since high school.

Kweli was wondering where the Guru's been.  Actually brother, I heard from the 'spiritually deluded one' this week and he was quoting the US Declaration of Independence for some reason.

Did not ask why but it sounds as if he has either had his heart broken (again) or he is f*cking someone else's .. well let's just say where he ain't got no legitimate bidness f*cking there (again).

Either way.  The mutha is still on full tilt crazy.

I wonder if that boy ever heard of Karma?  He a Guru sumthen ain't he?

Geez and he is a really good lawyer too and can sue the you know what out of my behind.

I hope the young 'uns can find a listen down below too.  You know there is life after high school, right?  And after you fall in love for the 20th time and then can't stand their lying ass.  And after you just don't give a f*ck about any sh*t or anyone you offend anymore - including folks who write your checks.

Angela did I tell you I'm supposed to be writing for a deadline next week?  Ummm oh yeah I did.

Oh oh ... the After 7 cut is for your ass.  Yeah you know who you are!  (All forty-three of you.)  You better believe I ain't ever talking to your contrived ass again ... well till you call that is ;0)



Erica said...

Oh you're really going back in the day. Good picks,especially Barry White......good stuff.

Kweli said...

Laughed, heard them songs, laughed some more.

Goodluck with the writing, brother.

Ridwan said...

Hi Erica:

I even had "Chocolate Girl" by the Whispers up and then it got weird and I got frustrated so I started chopping and then well ... ummm well it got lost.

By the time I realized my all time favorite was gone I was so frustrated and guilty to have spent so much time posting videos instead of finishing my writing.

Long story, well the other part is I took the post down, then put it up again.

Worried about the foolishness - being old and supposedly grown enuff to know better than write smack.

I trust you well and rested after shopping till midnite! Are you serious?

Not even gonna ask what you were buying at the bewitching hour ;0)


Ridwan said...

Hey there Kweli:

Thanks for laughing along with me brother.

Ummm ... it was with me right? Not at me, right? :0)

Some of those cuts are so old even the artists may have forgotten recording em.

Well those who still walk the earth, that is.

I will get the writing done by the weekend so a little life can appear at the end of the tunnel.

Peace my brother.

Struggle on,

Kweli said...

Just laughing cuz you can't go wrong with that After 7 track, if you know what I mean.

Aasia said...

Welcome back Ridi <3 Love the music, the not so subtlety but I hear ya. Come visit. You are missed.

*Sidenote* your word verficiation is "SWORBUM"
Mean anything to ya?

Ridwan said...

I hear you brother Kweli.

I got the After 7 CD when I was writing my dissertation in the mid-1990s.

Since then it has encapsulated a string of failed relationships in a manner that is almost clairvoyant :0)

Of course the sistas will tell you I am a dawg and they got tired of my cheating and lying ass.

Mooi would concur but then again - he is the Guru of cheating and messing around on womens.

And I meant womens :0)

Still, till they do me right - I ain't even starting to take responsibility for being - well, a man :0)

I am in a self-deprecating mood as you can see.

Trust you are well brother and that the sistas on your block are angels.

Oh I am in a sh*t load of trouble now :0)


Ridwan said...

Hey Aasia how are you my sista?

Great to hear from you. Trust you lekka and that your ears and eyes are not stinging from the cussing here on the ol blog.

SWORBUM it is ... :0)

I needs to make a trip to Joeys. In the new year most likely. Will holla your way before so we can get together and catch up.

Let me know how you are.

Peace and luv,

Ps. Nice to know you smaak old skool tunes too :0)

Kweli said...

These womens is onto my lying ass too, brother.

Just remember: those who end up single win :D

Ridwan said...

You have it absolutely right brother.

I'm about done - and been done except for a delusional space - with the usual drama.

On a slightly different note I remember this married brother who remarked he was in favor of same-sex marriages.

I was surprised cause he was not exactly liberal or progressive, know what I mean?

So I asked why.

"Well cause gay people have every right to be just as f*cking unhappy as the rest of us that is why," he replied.

I sat there for a few moments and marveled at the brilliance of idiocy.

But, at one level his founding premise is not too far off.

When was the last time you met a happy married or longterm coupled

And if you have - what they smoking?


Peace from a singleton (or is that simpleton?),

Anonymous said...

Uh excuse me all these comments means that your not finishing that paper.

Miss you and Love you!!! Tell Mama Fatima hello for me and give her a hug.

Boo Boo

Ridwan said...

Ummm ... hey there Boo Boo!

Did I tell you ... ummmm ... OK yeah. I am getting almost done :0)

I know you rolling your eyes like you did back in the day ;0)

I miss you a ton. I will holla.

Love Ya,