Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Pudgy and Pointy-Shoe Brigade Suspend Their Mouthy Fat Brat

Et tu, Derek? Julius Malema has been suspended from the ANC for sowing division and bringing the party into disrepute, and must vacate his position as the youth league's leader, says the chairperson of the ANC's disciplinary committee, Derek Hanekom. Malema has two weeks to appeal the decision. (Reuters) Read more

Comment: The boy plunder should probably be thinking about accumulating some marketable skills because unemployment looms large for the obese radical wannabe who thought the petit bourgeois ANC was a revolutionary movement.

Like a grip of South Africans I find the whole episode somewhat funny in a Schadenfreude sort of way.

But I am also worried that with Juju gone our political debates will take a turn for the dull again.

Well there will probably still be the usual comrade-f*cked/raped-someone scandals and the bribery and theft and corruption that defines our post-apartheid moment but truth be said all that sh*t is just so common that hardly anyone cares anymore.

At the very least wee Julius brought an unmistakable ludicrous circus flavor to the usual ridiculous that made sh*t interesting.  And he really pissed white people off!  And scared them too!

Now who will do that for us?

Eish hey, what ever will boy plunder do now that he is of no use to just about anyone in the party of the pudgy and pointy shoe brigade?

And we are not free.


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Tony said...

Eish boet, maybe he can get get the change that he needs from Nandos....jaa ne.

Ridwan said...

Hola bra Tony:

That is funny broer. I remember that Nandos ad that used a doll like him to count change?

The web is filled with jokes about his suspension.

One of the best I read was a comment in the Mail & Guardian. It said:

"Is Malema suspended with pay and tenders?"

Another tweet said:

"The DA is looking for a tea-boy."

Even as I write here he is on TV saying the decision means nothing.

He says he will face his enemies.

Who are this fool's enemies in the ANC he says is his natural home?

So gaan dit maar hier.

Lekker bly boet.