Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The UN is a War Making Machine

This article in the Guardian (UK) caught my attention because it seems so familiar and contrived given what the UN orchestrated inside of Libya.

The headline reads: "Syrian Troops have killed more that 250 children, UN finds" (28/11)

That is a very serious accusation and must be backed up by clear and incontrovertible evidence and facts.  Right?

Not the kind of lying facts drawn from manufactured reports of Gaddafi attacking his people with fighter jets that appeared alongside other 'factual reports' that he gave his troops Viagara to help them rape defenseless women.

The UN after all is supposedly an organization that must guard the interests of all and not pander to the powerful elite like it did in the recent recolonization of Libya.  Right?

So where did the UN get its facts you must be thinking and asking alongside of me and other concerned humans all across the world.

Well the Guardian article puts it so:
The 39-page (UN) document includes testimony from defectors from the security forces, who described indiscriminate shooting at unarmed protesters and snipers targeting those using loudspeakers or carrying cameras and mobile phones. A defector described the shooting of a two-year-old girl by an officer who said he did not want her to grow up to be a demonstrator. The figure of 256 children killed up to 9 November was attributed only to unspecified "reliable sources".
Read the last sentence again just to make sure you getting the source for these damning and inhumane 'facts' and figures.

How can the UN go on record with bullsh*t like this?  Are these fools serious?  Do you even consider the UN to be a "reliable source" of anything anymore?

Don't get me twisted here.  I hold no brief for President Assad or his goons or anyone linked to the turmoil in Syria.

But is this not so familiar by now?  Think of how the UN nuclear verification process f*cked over Iraq.  Are they not busy helping the US do the same sh*t in Iran?

It is becoming crystal clear, the UN is helping the US and its empire of lapdogs make war all over the middle east and beyond.

This passage from the article makes the not so surprising connection with reference to western "pressure":
 Further pressure came from France's foreign minister, Alain Juppé, who said Assad's days were "numbered". Britain condemned the "horrific and shocking actions carried out by the Assad regime against its own civilian population".
It's all going nice and smoothly and according to a well worn invasion and conquer script.

And here in the delusional rainbow some muthaz are wondering why I am not even excited about Cop 17 in Durban.

Are they going to ban war and its carbon emissions at Cop 17?  Is the US war machine not one of the greatest emitters of carbon - if not the greatest?

Or will the US walk out of Cop 17 like it did out of the Durban racism talks in 2001?

F*ck the UN is my thinking.  It is on the side of the rich and warmongering western states and deserves to be discredited at every juncture.

More children have died as a result of the UN's lying and compliant sh*t in Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya, than anywhere else.

And why is the UN not stoking the fires of consciousness in defense of its supposed mandate to protect the universal human rights of all, by calling Obomber on his drone murders of innocent children?

What is the tally for innocent children and other civilians killed by drones?  Is the UN counting or too busy kissing the ass of the empire to even notice?

The truth is that the UN is in the business of racist demonizing and warmongering on the side of the lapsing empire; an arbiter and guardian of universal human rights it is definitely not.



Anonymous said...

right on ridwan. the un is just a farce. so far from where it was supposed to be. and more and more irrelevant in securing global peace and justice.


Ridwan said...

Lauren I promise when you visit I will lighten up the conversation a tad.

For real. I won't even blow any more fuses in the vein of this post.

Trust you are well and warm.

Peace and hugs,